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Republic of Sartland

Sartijos Republika
Республика Сартляндия
Flag of Sartland
Anthem: "Our Flowering Land"
"Mūsu Ziedošā Zeme"

Political map of Sartland
Political map of Sartland
Capital Ruchava
Official languages Sartish, Yarovan
Demonym Sartish
• President
Danis Laiviņš
• 2020 estimate
Currency Gal’ka
Driving side right
Calling code +25

Sartland, officially the Republic of Sartland (Sartish: Sartijos Republika, Yarovan: Республика Сартляндия) is a country in Eastern Artemia.

On 12 July 2020, the United Republics of Aukalnia and Sartland politically dissolved, marking the culmination of Yarova's military campaign in the country. Its constituent states becoming the independent states of the Republic of Aukalnia and the Republic of Sartland.

Sartland is an observer of the Allied Eastern States (AES), and along with Aukalnia and South Kryzhelovschina, is not recognised by member states of the League of Free Nations (LFN) or Pan-Artemian Coalition (PAC).

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