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18 April 2023

  • curprev 08:5308:53, 18 April 20232601:2c0:8d80:7a40:344c:14e2:641b:c46e talk 2,868 bytes +2,868 Created page with " {{Vignette Start|We Are.|Wai Suoi Media Center, DAIWUH News 33, Taywu| October 28th, 2019}} {{Indent vig}} "''Alright ma’am, we’re live in five, four, three, two-''" “DAIWUH News 33, I’m ''T’suo Minai''. Scenes from ''Dakai Nong''’s second day of riots have begun to circulate across the internet, depicting waves of protestors clashing with Rao police forces. Though unconfirmed, estimates state that approximately 85 arrests have been made since yesterd..."