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Islamic Social Justice Republic of Amedi

جمهوری عدالت اجتماعی اسلامی امیدی
Flag of Amedi
Motto: در هدایت خداوند
(In God's Guidance)"
Anthem: آهنگ آزادی
"Liberation Song"
Location of  Amedi  (dark green) – in Kesh  (green & grey) – in Northern Kesh  (green)
Location of  Amedi  (dark green)

– in Kesh  (green & grey)
– in Northern Kesh  (green)

File:Amedi map.jpeg
and largest city
Official languages Mihrani
Demonym Amedian
Government Islamic Social Justice Republic
Prime Minister
• Fall of the Caliphate
• kesh war idk
• 2019 estimate
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Per capita
HDI (2017) 0.707
Currency Crown (Cr),
Amedi Pound
Time zone UTC+3 (idk time)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Driving side left
Calling code 962
Internet TLD .amd

Amedi, officially the Islamic Social Justice Republic of Amedi Mihrani is a partially recognized state located in Northern Kesh. The area of Amedi is defined in an area of xx square kilometers in the east of Nasiria, and borders Asharistan to the north and east and the xx sea to the north. It has a climate, but this claim is disputed. The population of Amedi is estimated to be around 6.8 million people.

the climate of Amedi is mostly desert and steppe with agriculturally rich oasis spread around. climate is fake idk

Amedi is a unitary state with a government system inspired by the Kayan mixed system, but reflecting the two major factions in Amedi politics; the Amedi Communists and xx Islamists, both who rule in coalition in the Amedi Parliament with an absolute majority. In the unicameral parliament, the ruling Islamic/Communist coalition hold 90 out of 99 seats. Along with the backing of the Kayan state, this is seen as evidence by some (who?) of Amedi being a de facto single party dictatorship. In contrast to other states, power is expressed through local communes, and is from where the Amedi government draws its legitimacy. The manner in which a commune is defined or even created is a matter of much debate, even within the government itself.

Amedi was formed at the conclusion of the Kesh Wars as the region of the former Caliphate that had been taken by Kayan forces and was initially set up as a buffer zone between the Tiperyn backed Nasiristan and Asharistan. In its early years its population was in major flux, as refugees fled from conflicts on either side of the borders and thousands were displaced internally. In 19xx with the backing and influence of Kaya, a peace treaty was signed between the two largest factions within the area, the (islamist forces) and local Mihrani communists, and eventually forming a proto-government between them. Things and stuff happened, things are sort of ok, the communists and islamists don't physically fight that often too much anymore.

Amedi is a developing country, with oil forming the backbone of the slowly diversifying economy. While their country remains unrecognised for the most part internationally, its citizens do enjoy a relatively high quality of life when compared to their neighbors.