Anglic language

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Pronunciation /ˈæŋ.ɡlɪk/
Native to Tiperyn
Native speakers
75 million (2018)
  • Goetic
    • West Goetic
      • Anglo-Tipsprek
        • Anglic
Early form
Old Anglic
Tipskrift alphabet
Latin script
Official status
Official language in
Template:Country data Apilonia
Recognised minority
language in
Language codes
ISO 639-1 Ang
ISO 639-2 ang
ISO 639-3 ang
Linguasphere 52-ABA
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Anglic (IPA: [ˈæŋ.ɡlɪk]) is a West Goetic language originating in northern Tiperyn on the Goidelia subcontinent. Its earliest form, Old Anglic, developed from western Artemian Goetic languages in the 9th Century CE after being brought to Goidelia by Goetic invaders. Anglic is closely related to Tipsprek—the dominant Goetic language on the Goidelia subcontinent and the official language of Tiperyn—with both languages belonging to the Anglo-Tipsprek languages.

Dialects, accents, and varieties[edit | edit source]

There are various dialects and variations of Anglic that vary country to country and region to region, many of which have been categorized by the Tiperyn Realm Academy of Language.

Mainland Tiperyn varieties[edit | edit source]

  • Haukvirth Anglic—Endemic to the Haukvirth and Nottingford area of the Duchy of Haukvirth in Tiperyn's northeast. As the variant spoken by Tiperyn's state Anglic television and the nobility of Haukvirth and Spencton, Haukvirth Anglic is considered to be the state-recognized variant of Anglic in Tiperyn. News broadcasters and television personalities across Tiperyn's territories speak Haukvirth Anglic, colloquially known in this context as Standard Anglic.
  • Spencton Anglic—Endemic to the Princedom of Spencton and pockets in Tytsjerkstera.
  • Goidelic Anglic—Endemic to the Alahaven area of the Duchy of Haukvirth on Tiperyn's northwest coast. This varieties is heavily influenced by the Goidelic-speaking population across the Gulf of Lijen in the Duchy of Poc'her.

Avalonian varieties[edit | edit source]

  • Chimchag Anglic—Endemic to the Realm City of Chimchag on the east coast of the Kaya peninsula. The colonial Anglic dialect of the Realm Viceroyalty of Kaya (1622—1820) in southern Kaya split from Haukvirth Anglic in the 18th Century in a manner similar to the split of Chimchag Tipsprek from Standard Tipsprek and is now the first language of about 30% of Chimchag City residents. Chimchag Anglic is most related to Haukvirth Anglic, although it has been influenced by both Goidelic-speaking colonists and the dominant Chimchag Tipsprek dialect.
  • Chezzetcooker Anglic—Endemic to Chezzetcook, which was settled but not formally colonized by Tiperyn fisherman in the 16th century. Chezzetcook Anglic was heavily influenced by the co-existing Ovancian population and historical Ovancian colonial rule, essentially Anglic with significantly different phonology and Ovancian syntax.