Black Mamba main battle tank

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Panserestridkruper «Svartemamba»
Black Mamba Tank-03.png
The first production variant of the Psk. Black Mamba, the Black Mamba A.
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin  Tiperyn
Service history
In service 1982—present (Tiperyn)
Wars Nasiri Civil War

1× Stk. 75-5 3¾-т (123mm) L/50 rifled tank cannon
1× 1-inch (25mm) autocannon
1× 6.5mm general-purpose machine gun (coaxial)
The Black Mamba (Tipsprek: Svartemamba), officially the "Black Mamba" Armored Battle Crawler (Tipsprek: Panserestridkruper «Svartemamba») abbreviated as Psk. Svartemamba, is a Tiperyn main battle tank that was introduced in 1982. It is a modernization of the Mamba main battle tank first introduced in 1957, designed with the intent of bringing the numerous Mamba fleet up to par with the new Python main battle tanks being brought online. Improvements include an upgrade from the 102mm to the 123mm tank gun, upgraded armor, optics, communications equipment, autoloader, and a side-mounted 25mm autocannon for anti-aircraft and anti-material duties. The Black Mamba is the most numerous tank in the Tiperyn military, although the most modern variants of the Python are more ubiquitous in the Fleet Expeditionary.