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Location Idlerein, Tiperyn
Nearest city Eastlikryk, Eastrein
Area 34,924 ha (134.84 sq mi)
Created 1624
Governing body Directorate on Forestry, Secretariat on Works
Federiksvoud (Anglic: Federik's Forest) is a national forest of Tiperyn located in northeast Idlerein. The forest encompasses 86,300 acres (349 km2) and is Tiperyn's second-largest man-made forest.

Federiksvoud was planted between 1624 and 1657 during the Queens' War to serve as a future source of oak lumber for the Realm Armada's shipbuilding. Its boundaries were set during the Eukaminta War when it became clear that the Tiperyn navy would need to expand for its plans of conquest in Avalonia over the succeeding 250 years, but expanded when Tiperyn became embroiled in colonial conflict with the Ovancian Empire and Agrana y Griegro. The wood became a protected natural landmark in 1892 and is currently designated as a Realm Forest Preserve administered by the Secretariat on Works.

Federiksvoud was named after Emperor Federik, Tiperyn's only male monarch serving from 1622 to 1667.