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Republic of Hosuman

Motto: 공화국을 위해
"For the Republic!"
Location of  Hosuman  (dark green) – in Avalonia  (green & grey) – in Southern Avalonia  (green)
Location of  Hosuman  (dark green)

– in Avalonia  (green & grey)
– in Southern Avalonia  (green)

Capital Samahosu
Largest city Samahosu
Official languages Kayanese
Demonym Hosumani
Government Welfare Liberal Republic inside the Union of Jinhang & Hosuman
• Premier
Eun-Jung Song
• President
Paek Seong-Jin
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Hosuman
Legislative Assembly
• Protectorate of Hosuman
15 october 1838
• Independence (from SiWallqanqa)
21 December 1923
• Total
26,375 km2 (10,183 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2019 estimate
2 824 800
• 2010 census
2 612 600
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
$???? billion
Currency Hosumani Jinju (Ɉ) (pegged to the Jinhangonese Jinju) (HMJJ)
Date format dd.mm.yyyy
Driving side left
Calling code +58
Internet TLD .hm

Hosuman, officially the Republic of Hosuman is a tiny, yet very developed republic that's part of the UJH in southern Avalonia, in the planet of Anterra. It is one of the smallest and the most democratic country of Southern Avalonia. The republic is 26 400 km² in area and has about 2,8 million citizens. Its main urban area is the Samahosu, it's capital. Accounting for the entirety of it's metropolitan area, 70% of the population of Hosuman lives in the Surroundings or inside of the city.

Hosuman is a Liberal Republic, ruled by a coalition of the LUP, a Social-Liberal Party led by premier Eun-Jung Song, and the Hosuman Labour Party, A Social-Democratic Party allied with the Jinhang-Based Democratic Labour Party

Hosuman became independent in the year 1923 along with its sister republic, Jinhang. with the support of Kaya and Tiperyn.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name "Hosuman" derives from the words "Hosu" and "Man" meaning "Lake" and "Gulf", referring to the great lake and the great gulf that are also named Hosuman

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