Kakhab Hi-Tech Zone

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The Autonomous High-Tech Region of Kakhab

Кахабский автономный высокотехнологичный регион
Flag of Kakhab
Kakhab Marsi
"Kakhab Marsi"
Status Special Economic Zone
Official languages Turkish
Ethnic groups
Mountain Jews
Not collected
Demonym Kakhab Osorrai
Government Oligarchy
• Chief Executive Officer
Airat Grimatov
Legislature None
Special Economic Zone of  Osorra
• 2020 census
GDP (nominal) estimate
• Total
• Per capita

The Kakhab High-Tech Zone or simply Kakhab is a special economic zone in Osorra, granted significant autonomy in its economic policy, regulatory regime, judicial system, and taxation policy. Kakhab has a unique form of government where residents must acquire stake in the Kakhab Municipal Corporation to hold a voice. The region is by far one of the most diverse parts of Osorra, with many persecuted groups in the Vojiskiy Empire, Roma, and later refugees from the Rovski-Zaporizhian Separation moving to the region. The zone is the only part of Osorra with a Tanets Solntsa minority, hosting mostly Jewish and Muslim populations.

It was founded by fleeing groups of Mountain Jews in the 1860s, escaping antisemeitic pogroms in the mainland of Vojiskiy. Soon other Jewish, Tartar, and Circassian immigrants would arrive. Kakhab was popular since its geography resembled their homelands they had fleed. The refugees would gradually create larger cities and communities, seeking religious tolerance. When the Qoya was ousted, local militas ran the Osorrai Mountain Republic until its invasion in 1925. They were given an autonomous region in the People's State of Osorra. The People's State would set up many research labs and defense industries in Kakhab, with Kakhab becoming one of the centers of computing in Osorra. It would transition to a free market economy in 1980, and when the Tsar was reinstated the region was made a special economic zone, and local business elites formed the Kakhab Municipal Council. Kakhab, unlike the rest of the country, saw rapid economic growth due to the rise of the technology sector in the 90s. A second wave of migrants came in, fleeing the Rovski-Zaporizhian Separation. The region became an innovative hotbed for technical talent, with an extremely highly educated population.

Today Kakhab is the major technology center of Osorra, with many high profile companies such as Sosya, Kozlovfab, and OsDisk based there. It also hosts much of Osorra's defense industry, with the military running numerous research labs in the region. Many foreign companies base in Kakhab due to the wide availability of high skilled talent. The region is the richest part of Osorra due to all these high-skilled industries. In recent years Kakhab has seen a housing crisis due to the mass migration that has massively increased the population in recent years. Real estate costs are among the highest in the nation.

Kakhab has an advanced transportation network. The Port of Kakhab is the largest port in Southern Osorra and the second largest before the Port of Zalivkov. The Port exports much of the nations semiconductors, alloys, and electronics. The city has a massive integrated metro and light rail network that connects the entire city. Kakhab International Airport has over 4 runways and ranks as the nation's 3rd largest airport before Zalivkov and Cuzka. It remains an important destination for both domestic and international airlines.

Kakhab hosts - Kakhab Polytechnic: Osorra's most prestigious technical school along with Kakhab Grand Ecole which ranks as producing the country's best pure math, computer science, and physics graduates. Many labs exist within the city including nuclear test centers. The education system is among the best in Avalonia and pays extremely high salaries for teachers and researchers. Many foreign companies operate labs and facilities in the city due to the vast pool of talent.

Kakhab also has Avalonia's largest semiconductor fab, Northern Avalonia's largest electronics market, massive chemical plants, and several vertically integrated facilities for the production of nuclear reactors. The city is heavily industrialized due to low taxes and regulations and continues to attract industry. Kakhab is powered entirely by several advanced Gen 2 and 3 nuclear reactors located outside of the city proper yet owned by the City Government. Due to increasing power demands an offshore wind farm as well as 2 new nuclear plants are being constructed. Electricity costs are extremely cheap.