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All areas of the world that were ever part of the Holy Tiperyn Realm.
List list includes current and historical flags of Tiperyn. This includes national flags, provincial state flags, overseas territory flags, and flags for other uses. Colonial flags were universally variants of the Realm Banner with modifications, including the replacement of the Shield of Magdalene with designs reflective of the colony's culture and battle honours.

National flags[edit | edit source]

Flag Use Date Description
New tiperyn flags-01.png Realm Banner 1405 - Present The modern flag of Tiperyn adopted following the merger of the monarch and First Apostolic Church in 1405. The 1:2 tricolor is defaced by the diamond-shaped Shield of Magdalene, symbolizing the First Apostolic Church.
New tiperyn flags-03.png Realm War Banner 1622 - Present The wartime variation of the Tiperyn Banner is a swallowtail with a tongue elongated to a 1:2.5 proportion. It was introduced during the Queens' War emulating the form of the swallowtail war banners used by Tipslan and Idlerein during the 14th and 15th centuries. The War Banner acts as the national flag during times of war. Due to the ongoing status of the Third Goidelic Secession and Nasiri Civil War, it has been used continuously as the state flag since the start of the Great Kesh War.

Overseas territory flags[edit | edit source]

Overseas territories typically have two flags. The dominion flag is styled in the manner of the Tiperyn Realm's flag and bears the territories' international arms. The domestic flag which is used for domestic purposes, designed by the native government, and displayed below the territory's dominion flag. Dominion flags by default take the form of the Realm's peacetime tricolor banner. However, the Empress of Tiperyn may award an overseas territory, whether Dominion of Viceroyalty, the right to a swallowtail flag in the style of the Realm War Banner for the valorous service of one of its territorial regiments during a conflict involving the entire Realm.

Flag Date Domestic Flag Use Description
New tiperyn flags Chimchag.png 1926 - Present Chimchag (Realm City) Instituted following the end of the Grand Campaigns. Swallowtail was awarded as a battle honor earned by the Realm Chimchag Regiment during that war. Shield features a leaping Great Capybara surrounded by the Laemira constellation used to navigate in the Southern Hemisphere.
Ellora flag.png 1968 - Present FlagofEllora.png Ellora (Realm Dominion) Instituted when the Realm Dominion of Ellora updated its coat of arms in 1968. Shield features the symbol of Ahisma central to Jainism practiced on the island. Swallowtail awarded as a battle honor for the meritorious service of the Elloran Field Surgery Regiment during the Great Kesh War
Eureka Flag-04.png 1809 - Present Eureka (Realm Viceroyalty) Instituted upon Eureka's founding 1809. Shield design features the Laemira constellation.
New tiperyn Komishima.png 1959 - Present
1675 - 1919
Komishima (Realm Viceroyalty) Instituted upon the colonies founding, became defunct following its capture by Akiteiwa during the Grand Campaigns, but reinstated when recaptured by Tiperyn during the Great Kesh War. Shield features a Tiperyn ship passing a landing spot on Komishima in front of a rising.
Nasiria flag 2.png 1959 - Present Flag Nasiria Native-01.png Nasiria (Realm Dominion) Instituted when the Realm Viceroyalty of Northern Nasiria was promoted to the Realm Dominion of Nasiria. Shield design depicts the crescents of the two moons with a white star, representing the Sun, inset within the larger crescent. Swallowtail was awarded to the colony as a battle honour earned by Nasiri Riflist regiments during the Great Kesh War.

Former overseas territories[edit | edit source]

Flag Date Use Description
Arroyo flag-01.png 1720 - 1850 Abeille (Realm Dominion) Instituted following the ascendence of Abeille from Realm Viceroyalty to Realm Dominion. Swallowtail awarded as part of ascendance. Shield features a mongoose and the big pincher of the Punes constellation (Crab in Anglic).
Kaya flag-01.png 1820 - 1926
1622 - 1820
Chimchag (Realm City)
Kaya (Realm Viceroyalty)
Originally used to represent the Realm Viceroyalty of Kaya, but re-applied to represent the Realm City of Chimchag only following Kaya's decolonization. Colonial tri-color lacking the swallowtail of the Realm or Realm Dominion. Shield features a Great Capybara surrounded by the Laemira constellation.
Jade islands flag-01.png 1655 - 1919 Jade Sea (Realm Viceroyalty) Instituted in 1655 when the islands (also known as the Yuhai Islands) were captured from Kodeshia, but defunct when Kodeshia retook them during the Grand Campaigns. Standard colonial tri-color. Shield features waves, the Realm Star, and a jade.
KongoFlagColonial.png 1926 - 1960 Kitoko (Realm Dominion)
NV flag-01.png 1732 - 1845 New Valentina (Realm Dominion) Instituted following the ascendence of New Valentina from Realm Viceroyalty to Realm Dominion. Gold fringe was awarded as a battle honor earned by the Realm Valentine Regiment during the Secession of Brigantica in the early 1700s. Swallowtail awarded upon New Valentina's ascendance from Realm Viceroyalty to Realm Dominion. Shield features a sable antelope and a part of the Fumae constellation, including the star Meiles in the top left corner.
Pauwonia flag-01.png 1627 - 1861 Pauwonia (Realm Viceroyalty) Instituted following the institution of the Realm Viceroyalty, but defunct following their decolonization. Shield features a pelican and pickaxe.
Theyka flag-01.png 1542 - 1743 (discontinuous use) Theyka (Realm Colony) Instituted following the institution of the Realm Colony under the Realm Viceroyalty and later Dominion of New Valentina. it was used in all iterations of the colony, which would get dismantled and re-enstablished a total of 9 times.
Tonkina flag-01.png 1756 - 1901 Tonkina (Realm Viceroyalty) Instituted following the institution of the Realm Viceroyalty, but defunct following their 1901 breakaway. Shield features a marbled cat and 7 stars.

Provincial state flags[edit | edit source]

Flag State Banner of Description
Haukvirth flag.png Duchy of Haukvirth Blue swallowtail strewn with 19 edelweiss representing Haukvirth's mountainous heritage and 19 principalities and independent burroughs.
New tiperyn flags Tipslan.png Grand Duchy of Tipslan Blue and cyan flag embattled in crosses.
Tiperyn Spencton Flag.png Principality of Spencton White swallowtail with a blue Nordic bar and the Axe constellation represented by edelweiss.