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Cagayan (orthographic projection).png
Cagayan is a country located in Southern Kesh. With a population of around 110 million people as of 2021, making it the most populous state in Southern Kesh. It is a multinational state with diverse ethnicities speaking different languages across the country.

The first settlements in the area emerged in the Neolithic around 11,000 years ago, which developed gradually into the Callao megalithic culture. Various civilisations emerged after it in the Calnoman period, surfacing as a diverse assemblage of pre-colonial polities, which included city-states, peasant republics, and chiefdoms, in a constant state of flux. The area fell under heavy Prabhati influence especially through the 6th century CE, leading to the commonplace adoption of Devanagism and the development of the Brahmic Surat script.

In 1622, Agrana y Griegro began conquering and colonising Cagayan from its base in Cagayan City, establishing the Viceroyalty of the Cagayan that lasted for 250 years. During this time, the Marian Church played an important role in spreading Marian Messianism and the Tiberican language, and Cagayan City itself grew as a hub of local trade.

In the 19th century, a largely criollo-dominated nationalism emerged in Cagayan, leading to the Cagayano War of Independence in 1872 and the Declaration of Independence in 1877, where Cagayan gained independence as the Sovereign Nation of the Cagayan. However, the new state's history after independence remained turbulent and marked with political and socio-economic upheaval. (Read more...)

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Pseiwan people.png
The traditional dress of the United Kingdoms around Paseiwa. Paseiwa is a West Kesh nation known for its thriving textiles industry, with most of its agriculture focused on growing flowers to produce pigment.

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