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Oermakt Motoverken
Partially state-owned multinational corporation
Industry Automotive, Defense
Founded 4 April 1905
Founder Jelke Idema
Headquarters Ambrosia, Tiperyn
Area served
Key people
Jesca Idema
Alcott Kendal
Products Automobiles, motorcycles, armored fighting vehicles
Owner Idema family (56%)
Ministry of Commerce (32%)
Highal royal family (12%)
Number of employees
Increase 215,500 (2018)
Divisions Oermakt Vapenyndustry
Subsidiaries West Wind
Oermakt Motoverken (Anglic: Oermacht Motor Works), or simply Oermakt, is a partially state-owned Tiperyn multinational automobile, motorcycle and military vehicle manufacturer. The company is the largest automotive manufacturer in Tiperyn, its third largest defense contractor and one among a limited number of corporations within Tiperyn where the state does maintain complete ownership or a controlling stake over. Oermakt is an unlisted company, with the Idema family holding a controlling stake and the royal family and Tiperyn state owning minority stakes.

The company was founded in 1905 by Tiperyn business magnate Jelke Idema. Initially, the company produced single-cylinder gasoline-powered automobiles for Tiperyn's royal family and social elite as well as electric- and gasoline-powered streetcars for Ambrosia's public transportation network. As Tiperyn's first major company producing automobiles, Oermakt quickly attempted to produce automobiles cheap enough to be affordable by the average Tiperyn citizen, taking ques from Brigantic automotive manufacturers. The company thrived in the public transportation market, becoming one of Artemia's largest producers of streetcars and motor buses by the mid-1910s. Following the end of the Grand Campaigns in 1926, Oermakt experienced several decades of consistent expansion, becoming a regional automotive giant.

Oermakt currently operates several subsidiaries, with its primary market being Artemia under the brand name Oermakt. In addition, it controls subsidiaries in the Avalonia market such as West Wind based in Kaya.

Branding and identity[edit | edit source]

The namesake and logo of Oermakt were created by founder Jelke Idema. Oermakt is a compound of the Tipsprek oer (meaning "over" in Anglic) and makt (meaning "power"). Thus, the compound word in Tipsprek literally translates to "over power," "superior strength" or "predominance." The logo is an eight-pointed star surrounded by a silver ring. The star is composed of four arrows, representing progress, and forms a cross in the negative space.

Divisions and subsidiaries[edit | edit source]

As of 2018, Oermakt sells products worldwide through the following brands:

  • Oermakt Motoverken (Artemian and Avalonian market, based in Tiperyn)
    • Automobiles
    • Motorcycles
    • Commercial Vehicles
    • Buses
  • West Wind (Avalonian market, based in Kaya)
    • Automobiles
    • Motorcycles
  • Oermakt Vapenyndustry (All markets, based in Tiperyn)
    • Military vehicles

Holdings[edit | edit source]

In 2018, Oermakt held interests in the following companies:

Products[edit | edit source]

Civilian Automobiles[edit | edit source]

Product Photo Type Engine Output
Lynksen III
Lynksen Sedan Wiki-02.png
Large family sedan 2.5 L V4 Twin Turbo Gasoline
2.5 L V4 Twin Turbo Diesel
350 hp (261 kW)
330 hp (246 kW)

Police Automobiles[edit | edit source]

Product Photo Type Engine Output
Lynksen III Police Patrol Vehicle
Lynksen Cop Car Patrol Wiki-02-02-03.png
Police patrol sedan 2.5 L V4 Twin Turbo Gasoline
2.5 L V4 Twin Turbo Diesel
350 hp (261 kW)
330 hp (246 kW)
Lynksen III Police Interceptor
Lynksen Cop Car Wiki-02-02.png
Police pursuit sedan 5.2 L V8 NA Gasoline 520 hp (388 kW)
Jagûar II Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle
WIKI Police Utility-01.png
Police utility vehicle 5.2 L V8 NA Gasoline 520 hp (388 kW)

Military vehicles[edit | edit source]

(Anglic Shorthand)
Photo Type Introduced Armament
Pânserjochtfreau Pyton
(PsJ Python)
Main battle tank 1972 120mm smoothbore cannon
Pânserjochtfreau Njirre
(PsJ Viper)
Armored car 1994 105mm smoothbore cannon

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Labor exploitation in SiWallqanqa[edit | edit source]

In 2016, Oermakt's Avalonian subsidiary West Wind was subject to a Tiperyn Ministry of Commerce inquiry into exploitative labor practices in its automotive factories in the SiWallqanqan city of Lamara Jatha. The inquiry was the result of accusations of poor conditions, substandard wages for employees, the employment of children, regular coercion and abuse by managers, forced on-site housing in makeshift apartments, and little regard for regulations on breaks and working hours. The charges were brought forward by several activist groups in SiWallqanqa, supported by organizations primarily based in the League of Free Nations. West Wind was one of 14 Tiperyn companies operating manufacturing and distribution facilities in Lamara Jatha included in the inquiry. Lamara Jatha is SiWallqanqa's largest city and hosts a large special economic zone with little to no regulation for multinational corporations and manufacturers.

During the inquiry, it was alleged that six workers had committed suicide at West Wind's primary factory in 2015 alone. One of the most famous anecdotes to come from the hearings was the case of a SiWallqanqan family being forcibly separated after the mother and father were fired from the facility but the children were forced to continue working and living on the premises. The investigation sparked international upheaval and boycotts against West Wind and Oermakt. Ultimately, the Ministry of Commerce did not find Oermakt at legal fault due to none of its actions being illegal by local SiWallqanqan standards within the special economic zone. Further arbitration was denied by a North-South Concordant tribunal due to SiWallqanqan being outside of the Concordant. Even so, Oermakt pledged that it would better the working conditions in its SiWallqanqan factories to meet international standards, although activist groups still claim West Wind is guilty of exploitative labor practices as of 2018.

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