Oleg Kozlov

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His Excellency, General
Oleg Kozlov
Брусилов Алексей Алексеевич.jpg
Grand Marshal of Osorra
In office
3 June 1925 – 4 December 1959
Preceded by Tsar Frolov IV
Succeeded by Marshal Kolya Stepanov

Grand Marshal Oleg Kozlov or simply Marshal Kozlov was the leader of the Democratic Republic of Osorra from 1925 to 1946. As a child he was moved from a noble Yarovan family to that of the governor, becoming his son. He grew resentful of his new family and would later go on to overthrow them as political unstability swept Osorra from the Vojisky Civil War. After a brief civil war, he would execute the governor and declare the Democratic Republic of Osorra. He declared himself "Grand Marshal" of the new state and signed the First Osorrai Constitution. He allied with the Mensheviks and would be the head of the Menshevik administration for the next 20 years,

Internally he began the campaign known as Sotsial'nyy Pod'yem, where the military would build vast amounts of infrastructure, industrialize the country, and educate large segments of the population. As part of Sotsial'nyy Pod'yem the country created a new economic policy, where the government would run many large enterprises but allow for private business while working with industrialists to modernize the country. Osorra placed large external tariffs and created a national bank to invest in promising enterprises. The economy grew extremely fast under Kozlov's reign during the so called Jazzy Rose. However later on a massive debt and overproduction criss led to a general economic malaise. Many leftists have criticized him for not fully expropriating the bourgeoise nor implementing the principles of worker self ownership. Many leftists see him as a corporatist and fascist, who instead of embracing class conflict embraced class collaboration. Still he is quite revered within Osorra by both leftist and rightist figures, who see him as a great modernizer who strengthened the nation. He is often referred to as Osorra's first Yarovar monarch.

The economic depression of the 40s led to Kozlov's eventual overthrow when Volkovist military officials stormed the Solar Palace in Cuzka. Afterwards the Volkovists would form massive trusts and slowly nationalize the economy, moving from a market economy to a centralized planned economy made up of large bureaucratic firms.