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Realm Guard
Tipsprek realm guard.png
Tiperyn War Flag.png
War Flag of Tiperyn
Active 1345 - present
Country Tiperyn Holy Tiperyn Realm
Type Army
Role Land warfare
Size 213,000 active
919,000 active/ready reserve
2,200,000 inactive reserve
Part of Tiperyn Realm Defence
Headquarters Ambrosia, Tiperyn
Engagements House Wars
Dukes' Rebellion
Brigantican War of Independence
The Grand Campaigns
Kesh Wars
Naseri Civil War
Empress Aletta I
Cardinal of War and Crisis Georgia Seiter
The Realm Guard (Tipsprek: Tipsprek realm guard.png, tr. Rykskyld) is the land warfare branch of the Tiperyn Realm Defence. As of 2020, the Realm Guard consisted of 211,000 active and 3,800,000 reserve personnel.

The current iteration of the Realm Guard was officially founded in 1345 following the signing of the Stallings Concordant and the unification of the duchies and principalities on the Goidelia subcontinent into the Tiperyn Realm. Although some date its origins date back as far as 1173 when House Highal—Tiperyn's Ruling Family—raised the first Grand Guard of Tipslan to defend the new kingdom from the various Goidelic queendoms and tribal confederations that had pushed back against Goetic expansion. Members of the Realm Guard are allegiant to the Empress of Tiperyn and when nationally mobilized are under the command authority of the national Secretariat on War and Crisis and its head, the Cardinal of War and Crisis. However, duchies, principalities and dominions maintain a great deal of influence over the mustering, training, and domestic deployment of individual regiments and brigades when not federalized. As it is politically cost of mobilization the Realm Guard has rarely mobilized for overseas deployment since the end of the Great Kesh War. This excepts units mustered by the Grand Duchy of Tipslan—the home duchy of the Empress and House Highal—and overseas territories.

The Realm Guard has seen combat in all ground wars Tiperyn has fought, including the Dukes' Rebellion, Brigantican War of Independence, Grand Campaigns, Great Kesh War, Valentine Emergency, and the ongoing Nasiri Civil War. The branch's expeditionary role has significantly diminished since the end of the Great Kesh War, largely usurped by the Realm Armada's Fleet Expeditionary due to the latter being readily deployable worldwide and fully under national control. Still, the Realm Guard forms a large part of Tiperyn's strategy in the event of conventional or nuclear war in Western Artemia, with the service planned to grow from about 200,000 men to almost 4,000,000 within months.

History[edit | edit source]

Structure[edit | edit source]

A sankey diagram depicting the annual intake of conscripts and volunteers in the Realm Guard.
Realm Guard regiments are mustered from and trained and organized by Tiperyn's duchies and principalities under their administrative Duchal and Princely Armies (Hartokalemakter and Prinsalemakter). For deployments, regiments typically form the basis of Regimental Groups (i.e. brigades) under the command of a War Command (i.e. Division) or senior command in a region as designated by the Secretariat on War and Crisis. However, during peacetime, regiments are operationally controlled by their Duchal or Princely Army and provincial government. The largest Duchal Army is the Grand Army of Tipslan, followed by the Armies of Idelrein and Vitenlan. Five of Tiperyn's duchies (Tipslan, Idelrein, Vitenlan, Alahaven, Haukvirth), four of its principalities (Eastrein, Buitenvoud, Oosterkoop, Steinsen) and two of its overseas territories (Nasiria, Chimchag City) maintain army commands. The remainder of domestic principalities and states muster regiments that are then trained and fall under the command of the closest Duchal or Princely Army, although they are typically garrisoned within their home subdivision. The Goidelic-dominant duchies of Poc'her, Darimh, and Rosraig were barred from mustering regiments in 1925 following the end of the Grand Campaigns due to the Goidelic Insurrection. Regiments from all other Duchal or Princely Armies rotate annually in manning garrisons in these duchies as a deployment. When federalized and deployed overseas, multiple Regimental Groups can come under the command of a War Command (division), Expeditionary Corps (Realm Guard headquarters during large-scale conflict; Fleet Expeditionary HQ during peacetime), or directly under a joint Theatre Command, such as the Nasiria Theatre Command or the Santa Magdalena Mission.

The Realm Guard's Active Service component is manned by 213,000 Active Service personnel, directly supported by 53,000 Active Reservists. The Ready Reserve, which is a part-time force that can be mobilized during war-time, consists of 866,000 personnel. The Mobilization Reserve, which is less cool than prads, an inactive reserve consisting of all persons up to the age of 45 who have completed their 2/5-year service obligation, theoretically consists of 2.2 million Tiperyner citizens. The Ready Reserve and Mobilization Reserve would provide the first rounds of conscripts during or in preparation for a large-scale conflict but have not been called upon in over half a century. The Mobilization Reserve in particular is likely to be up to 50% smaller in practical terms due to health and criminal disqualifications.

Service arms[edit | edit source]

Separate from the administrative Duchal/Princely Armies and operational units, the Realm Guard is split into trade-specific "service arms" that establish doctrine, standard, and procurement priorities for their specific occupations. The service arms include:

  • "Foot" Arms
    • Voeterij (Infantry)
      • Berkysts (Mountainists) — Mountain infantry, in practice entirely under the purview of the Duchal Army of Haukvirth
      • Gevearysts (Riflists) — General infantry corps. Originally the designation of light infantry from the early 19th century armed with rifles, similar to the Jäger or chasseurs à pied.
      • Luktmobil (Airmobile Troops) — Airmobile infantry and paratroopers
    • Ambaktrij (Artificers) — Engineers
    • Signaalrij (Signals) — Communications, electronic warfare, signals intelligence
    • Medizinrij (Medical)
    • Enzignij (Intelligence)
    • Purzmaisters (Paymasters) — Finance
    • Advokatrij (Law)
  • "Mounted" Arms
    • Ruiterij (Cavalry)
      • Shokruiterij (Shock Cavalry) — Armor
      • Ljoktruiterij (Light Cavalry) — Reconnaissance, security
      • Drakonij (Dragoons) — Armored infantry
    • Artilerij (Artillery) — Cannon and missile artillery, air defense
      • Kanonry (Cannonry)
      • Karabynysts (Carabiniers) — Applies to infantry and forward observer companies in artillery regiments tasked with providing security to gun positions, trains and command posts and providing forward observers to maneuver units. Derived from horseback troops raised in the early 19th century for guarding cannons, who were armed with carbines.
    • Tydges (Trains) — Sustainment, ordnance, maintenance
    • Lukterij (Aviation) — Rotary-wing aviation, drones

Active Service and Active Reserve[edit | edit source]

The Active Service comprises forces from company to division strength that are manned full-time. Approximately 43,000 conscripts enter the Active Service each year, while about 12,000 volunteer each year. The Active Reserve is part-time force whose members, after fulfilling their initial service obligation, volunteer to serve in an active regiment's Active Reserve battalion. Unlike the Ready Reserve or Mobilization Reserve, Active Reserve battalions can deploy overseas during peacetime.

Regiment Branch Duchal/Princely Army Ready Reserve Affiliate Regiments Sub-Units
Mil icon armored inf rgt wheeled.svg
Infantry Regiments (Mechanized)
1. Stridkomando
The Avalonians (AVA)
Regiment Nr. 40
Ruitery All National • The Viceroy's Light Ruiters (VLR) (Nr. 901) Type 551 Foot Ruitery Regiment
• Regimental Staff and Train
• 3 Armored Riflist Battalions
• 1 Armored Riflist Btn (Active Reserve)
3. Stridkomando
Empress's Andernak Regiment (KAR)
Regiment Nr. 32
Ruitery Zoervoud
5. Stridkomando
The Ienheid Mounted Rifles (IBG)
Regiment Nr. 15
Ruitery Vitenlan
The Realm Eastreiners (RE)
Regiment Nr. 28
Ruitery Eastrein
6. Stridkomando
The Malskrum Mounted Riflists (MBG)
Regiment Nr. 75
Ruitery Oosterkoop, Hindelvega, Buitenvoud, Rote Type 553 Foot Ruitery Regiment
• Regimental Staff and Train
• 2 Armored Riflist Battalions
• 2 Battle Car Battalions
• 1 Armored Riflist Btn (Active Reserve)
Mil icon air assault rgt.svg
Infantry Regiments (Airmobile)
2. Stridkomando
The Parachutist Regiment (PR)
Regiment Nr. 1
Infantry Tipslan/Idlerein Type 101 Aeromobile Regiment
• Regimental Staff and Train
• 3 Parachute Infantry Battalions
• 1 Parachute Infantry Btn (Active Reserve)
• Pathfinder Company
• Mechanized Mortar Battalion
• Pioneer Battalion
• Special Operations Assault Helicopter Btn
The Aeromobile Regiment (AERO)
Regiment Nr. 27
Infantry Tipslan/Idlerein Type 102 Aeromobile Regiment
• Regimental Staff and Train
• 3 Air Assault Infantry Battalions
• 1 Air Assault Inf Btn (Active Reserve)
• Pioneer Company
Mil icon mountain rgt.svg
Infantry Regiments (Mountain)
4. Stridkomando
The Silver Woodsmen (ZV)
Regiment Nr. 60
Infantry Haukvirth • Anglic Gentlemen-Riflists (AGR) (Nr. 601)
• Princess of Lybwaite's Riflists (PLR) (Nr. 605)
Type 105 Mountainist Regiment
• Regimental Staff and Train
• 3 Mountain Infantry Battalions
• 1 Mountain Infantry Btn (Active Reserve)
• Reconnaissance Company
• Pioneer Company
The Haukvirth Mountainists (HB)
Regiment Nr. 61
Infantry Haukvirth • The Duchess of Haukvirth's Light Foot (DHLF) (Nr. 603)
Anglic Foresters (AVD)
Regiment Nr. 63
Infantry Haukvirth • Norwirth Riflists (NR) (Nr. 601)
• Spencton Riflists (SR) (Nr. 604)

Ready Reserve[edit | edit source]

The Ready Reserve is a part-time reserve force that is meant to be mobilized in the case of a large-scale war. Five years of service in the Ready Reserve is an alternative to the 2-year Active Service and, as of 2023, 70,000 conscripts a year were directly inducted into the Ready Reserve versus the 43,000 Active Service intake. Unlike the Active Reserve, the Ready Reserve cannot be deployed overseas during peacetime. But, unlike the Mobilization Reserve, the Ready Reserve still holds drill. Higher Readiness Mobilization Battalions are affiliated with an Active Service regiment, and during peacetime are administered by a reserve headquarters platoon under the active regiment's HQ. During wartime, these Ready Reserve units are intended to provide battlefield replacements to the active units, provide formed elementary units (i.e. companies) to the active force, or deploy as whole battalions under a brigade or War Command (i.e. division).

Mobilization Reserve[edit | edit source]

The Mobilization Reserve is an inactive reserve, made up of conscripts up to the age of 45 who have completed their 2 years of Active Service or 5 years of Ready Reserve Service. Mobilization Reserve units include Cadre Mobilization Regiments and Reinforcement Divisions. During wartime, their role is to mobilize as formed regiments under entirely Mobilized Divisions, or provide battlefield replacements via Replacement Divisions. Able-bodied citizens in the Mobilization Reserve would be called up first, followed by new intakes of citizens who have not served in the military.

Current deployments[edit | edit source]

The Realm Guard maintain several overseas deployments, broadly categorized into permanent peacetime postings and rotational combat deployments. Although a domestic deployment, Western Tiperyn is considered to be a combat deployment for some units, but units that are permanently garrisoned in this region are not considered to be permanent overseas postings.

Rotating combat deployments[edit | edit source]

Location Start Date Units Involved (as of 2020) Details
Santa Magdalena 2008 • 10th Airmobile Regiment (Tipslan) Ongoing operations to monitor the joint League of Free Nations and ECOSEAS peacekeeping mission in southern Santa Magdalena and aid the government forces in maintaining order within controlled areas. The 10th Airmobile Regiment (Tipslan) is deployed to the country in support of a larger Fleet Expeditionary force.
Nasiria 1959 • Nasiri Territorial Corps
• 61st Mountaineer Regiment (Haukvirth)
• 6th Mounted Rifleer Regiment (Tipslan)
Ongoing operations in southern Nasiria to stabilize the region and suppress Mihrani nationalist, secessionist, leftist, and Jihadist militant groups. Four Nasiri regiments, 1 Haukvirth regiment and 1 Tipslan regiment are currently deployed to Nasiria in support of a larger Fleet Expeditionary force.
Western Tiperyn 1925 • 3rd Mounted Rifleer Regiment (Idlerein)
• 22nd Tank Regiment (Tipslan)
• 5th Mounted Rifleer Regiment (Tipslan)
• The Parachute Battalion (Tipslan)
Ongoing counter-insurgency operations to aid federal law enforcement and the Holy Guard in suppressing Goidelic insurrectionists in built-up areas of western Tiperyn. One Idlerein, 2 Tipslan regiments and 1 parachute battalion are currently deployed there in support of 8 regiments in garrison.

Permanent overseas postings[edit | edit source]

Location Units Involved Details
Agrana y Griegro • 61st Mountaineer Regiment (Haukvirth) The 61st Mountaineer Regiment is posted in northern Agrana y Griegro in close proximity to its mountainous border with Goetia. Colonel Charles Buckston, Commanding Officer of the Regiment and Prince of Haukvirth, is married to Cristina Arboleda, Agranan Duchess of Telto.
Austrasia • 70th Tank Regiment (Vitenlan) The Realm Guard has maintained permanent and semi-permanent postings in Austrasia since the country joined the North-South Concordant in the 1980s. Colonel Josina Engel, Commanding Officer of the Regiment and Princess of Vitenlan, is married to Geldric Engel, a cadet of the wealthy Austrasian Engel family.
Eureka • 550th Military Police Battalion (Tipslan) A part of Realm Defence Forces—Eureka the Realm Guard maintains a presence at Eureka Naval Air Station running the military prison there.
Kaya • Realm Chimchag Regiment The Realm Chimchag Regiment maintains a close relationship with the Kaya Unified Armies. Although garrisoned in Chimchag City, a Realm City of the Holy Tiperyn Realm, the regiment cycles its battalions through joint training exercises and familiarisation garrisoning on Kaya soil regularly.

Tradition[edit | edit source]

Realm Guard units are stepped in diverse traditions with each of its Duchal and Princely Armies and Territorial Corps free to dictate their own traditions including dress and parade uniforms, mottos, grooming standards, secondary titles for officers, and special designations for units. All armies, however, do abide by branch-wide standards when it comes to combat readiness, primary rank structure, combat equipment, and unit organization.

Army-specific dress uniform colors[edit | edit source]

All Realm Guard armies maintain the same standards with regard to their combat uniform and field service uniform. However, armies are allowed to use unique colors in the construction of their dress uniforms. Although the armies typically adhere to the Pattern 4 Uniform (Dress) in terms of cut and components, each uses a different color pallette.

Army Coat Color Trouser Color Insignia Color
Grand Army of Tipslan Austrasian Blue Baby Blue Baby Blue with Austrasian Blue Piping
Duchal Army of Idlerein Austrasian Blue Baby Blue Austrasian Blue with Goldenrod Piping
Duchal Army of Vitenlan Glaucous White White with Black Piping
Princely Army of Eastrein Austrasian Blue Glaucous Glaucous with Scarlet Piping
Duchal Army of Haukvirth Cadet Grey Cadet Tea Green with Forest Green Piping
Princely Army of Alahaven Cadet Grey Cadet Cadet Grey with Scarlet Piping
Princely Army of Buitenvoud Cadet Grey Cadet Chestnut with Forest Green Piping
Princely Army of Ooosterkoop Cadet Grey Cadet Goldenrod with Dark Purple Piping
Princely Army of Steinsen Rifle Green Rifle Green Goldenrod with Dark Green Piping
Nasiri Territorial Corps Camel Dark Brown Camel with Dark Brown Piping
Independent Chimchag Brigade Austrasian Blue Scarlet Scarlet with Austrasian Blue Piping

Ranks, specialisms and insignia[edit | edit source]

Enlisted[edit | edit source]

Enlisted personnel in the Realm Guard are those who do not serve by commission from the Empress or warrant from the Secretariat on War and Crisis. These include Junior Enlisted and Non-Commissioned Officers.

Enlisted Junior Enlisted Non-Commissioned Officers
Pay Grade OR-1/2 OR-3 OR-4 OR-5 OR-6 OR-7 OR-8 OR-9
Sleeve Insignia No insignia Realm Guard OR-3-02.png Realm Guard OR-4-02.png Realm Guard OR-5-02.png Realm Guard OR-6-02.png Realm Guard OR-7-02.png Realm Guard OR-8-02.png Realm Guard OR-9-02.png
Collar Insignia New realm guard individual-02.png New realm guard individual-02.png New realm guard individual-12.png New realm guard individual-12.png New realm guard individual-12.png New realm guard individual-12.png New realm guard individual-12.png New realm guard individual-03.png
(Lance Corporal)
(Lance Sergeant)
(Colour Sergeant)
1e Sarzjant
(First Sergeant)
(Sergeant Major)
1 The title of the OR-1/2 rank "Skylder" varies depending on the branch of the soldier. Rear echelon and support occupations receive the title Skylder (Guard), artillerymen receive the title Kanonyst (Cannonist), and cavalrymen and armored crewmen receive the title Ruiter (Rider). Infantrymen receive the Gevearyst (Riflist) title with the following exceptions:
• Riflists assigned to Haukvirth's Mountaineer Regiments receive the title Berchyst (Mountaineer).
• Riflists assigned The Parachute Regiment receive the title Paadvizer (Pathfinder).
• Eastrein's Dragoon Regiments (special designation for Mounted Rifleer Regiments) receive the title Dragondyst (Dragoon).

Warrant Officers[edit | edit source]

Warrant officers are officers serving under warrant from the Secretariat on War and Crisis.

Enlisted Warrant Officers
Pay Grade W-1 W-2 W-3 W-4
Cuff Insignia New realm guard individual-15.png New realm guard individual-15.png New realm guard individual-14.png New realm guard individual-14.png
Collar Insignia
New realm guard individual-01.png

New realm guard individual-04.png

New realm guard individual-04.png

New realm guard individual-13.png
(Exempt Ensign)
(Senior Exempt Ensign)
(Regimental Ensign)

Officers[edit | edit source]

Enlisted Student Company Grade Field Grade Flag Grade
Pay Grade OF(D) OF-1 OF-2 OF-3 OF-4 OF-5 OF-6 OF-7 OF-8 OF-9
Collar Insignia Realm Guard OF D-02.png Realm Guard OF 1a-02.png Realm Guard OF 1b-02.png Realm Guard OF-2-02.png Realm Guard OF-3-02.png Realm Guard OF-4-02.png Realm Guard OF-5-02.png Realm Guard OF-6-02.png Realm Guard OF-7-02.png Realm Guard OF-8-02.png Realm Guard OF-9-02.png
(Officer Candidate)
(Junior Lieutenant)
(Lieutenant Colonel)
(Lieutenant General)
(Captain General)
1 Officers appointed to Corps-level commands or the title of Governor-General over a Realm Dominion are automatically promoted to Lieutenant General.
2 Officers appointed to Theatre-level commands or the title of Viceroy over a Realm Viceroyalty are automatically promoted to Captain General.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

See also: Battle Team Complex

Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Main article: Uniforms of the Tiperyn Realm Defence
An example of a Sergeant wearing the Field Service Uniform of the Realm Guard.
The Realm Guard has five basic categories of uniform: the Physical Training Uniform, Combat Utilities, Trade Utilities, Field Service Uniform, and Dress Uniform. All but the Dress Uniform are universal among the Realm Guard's armies, with the Dress Uniform being varied slightly army-to-army.

The Field Service Uniform, colloquially referred to as Service Khakis, is the standard garrison uniform for all Realm Guard Forces.