Saintly Order of the Holy Realm

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The Saintly Order of the Holy Realm (Tipsprek: Sintykordon fan de Hilikryk) is a Tiperyner religious and chivalrous order conferred for selfless acts that result in the death of the recipient and saved the life of another. The order is awarded by the First Apostolic Church to Tiperyner citizens and territorial nationals who at the time of the act were not serving in the military or law enforcement and, for nationals, were openly practicing Apostolics. Appointed individuals are canonized as Undersaints (Tipsprek: Undersint) by the church as a title of honor to distinguish them from the common faithful, albeit not nearly as honored as canonized Saints. Canonization as an Undersaint in the Tiperyn Apostolic faith implies that one's personal debt accrued through the sins committed over ones life that do not warrant eternal damnation is paid by service to God and the faithful, which negates the faith's period of postmortem suffering that must be undertaken before being inducted into Heaven.

The order was established in 1868 by Empress Ingel. Due to the fact that all members of the Saintly Order of the Holy Realm are deceased, it lacks the living great officers of other Tiperyner orders of chivalry. Rather, the Tiperyner monarch acts as the Supremator of the order, commensurate with her role as the Supreme Governor of the First Apostolic Church, but is not herself a member. Day-to-day administration is executed by the Secretariat on Values, which is also responsible for administering the church as a whole.

Prior to 2001, conferees of the order were those who were considered to have done a "selfless and heroic act that risked life and limb". For example, Ust-Lindert Hoekstra was inducted into the Saintly Order in 1974 for dying while pulling victims of a car accident out of their burning vehicles in Hindelvega. However, in 2001, Empress Anthea ordered that deceased organ donors whose organ donation successfully saves the life of a recipient—as advised by a licensed medical doctor—were to be inducted into the Saintly Order. Although not officially stated as such, it is generally accepted that the decree was to increase pre-emptive organ donation pledges in Tiperyn, as between 2002 and 2003 the issue of organ donor cards increased by 40%.