South Kryzhelovschina

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Republic of South Kryzhelovschina

Рэспубліка Паўднёвая Крыжалаўшчына
Flag of South Kryzhelovschina
Motto: Адзінства і праца
"Unity and Work"
Together for our Nation
"Разам для нашай нацыі"

and largest city
Official languages Kryzhelovski
Recognised regional languages Yarovan
Ethnic groups
Kryzhelovski (81%), Yarovars (10%), Rovsnoski (3%), Astran (1%), Other (4%)
Demonym Kryzhelovski
• President
Bahuslaŭ Lukašuk
• Formation
• Estimate
47,210 km2 (18,230 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
GDP (PPP) 2020 estimate
• Total
$9 billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 2020 estimate
• Total
$5 billion
• Per capita
Currency Gal'ka (GK)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Driving side right
Internet TLD .Idp

South Kryzhelovschina (Kryzhelovski: Паўднёвая Крыжэлаўшчына), officially the Republic of South Kryzhelovschina is a partially-recognized state located in Eastern Artemia bordering Pozrika to the west, Rovsnoska to the south, and Yarova to the north. After the Second Invasion of Graznava the South Kryzhelovschina was set up, officially as an independent republic, however has been labeled as a "Rovsnoski puppet' by many international critics.

Since the declaration of the republic it has been recognized by all members of the Allied Eastern States as well as other nations such as Tiperyn and Osorra.

History[edit | edit source]

Antiquity[edit | edit source]

Principality of Kryzhelovschina (950-1300 CE)[edit | edit source]

Graznavan Voivodeship, Principality of Astran, and Kryzhelov-Apazov (1350-1535)[edit | edit source]

The Golden Sovereign (1535-1734)[edit | edit source]

Four Day War (1734)[edit | edit source]

Governorate of Greater Kryzhelovschina (1734-1926)[edit | edit source]

UPRZ Occupation (1926-1994)[edit | edit source]

Dissolution of the UPRZ & Separatist Movement (1994-1998)[edit | edit source]

Graznavan People's Republic (1998-2020)[edit | edit source]

Second Invasion of Graznava (2020)[edit | edit source]

Dissolution[edit | edit source]

Geography and Climate[edit | edit source]

Sitting upon rolling plains and vast forests, South Kryzhelovschina is situated in the Central Kryzhelovschina Steppe. The area is classified by rolling hills and fertile black soil, making it ideal for agrarian societies. The region is also home to swamps and marshes in natural depressions during the wet seasons, leaving some areas to be impassable during spring and fall. About 40% of the country is covered in forests. The highest point in the country is 1,261ft above sea level, with the lowest being 278ft above sea level. It shares a once heavily militarized border with Rovsnoska in the south, with a relatively open border with Yarova to the north.

The climate is roughly continental, with mild winters averaging -6°C (21°F) and warm summers averaging 22°C (72°F). It receives an average rainfall of 600mm (23in) to 750mm (29in) annually. Natural resources are relatively scarce, however, substantial peat, potash, and coal deposits dot the countryside.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Foreign Affaits[edit | edit source]

States which formally recognised South Kryzhelovschina as independent[edit | edit source]

Country Date of recognition Diplomatic relations established Notes
 Rovsnoska 2020 Mutual embassies and trade deals
 Tiperyn 2020 Mutual embassies and trade deals
 Osorra 2020 Mutual embassies and trade deals
 Lestykhol 2020 Mutual embassies and trade deals
 Destland 2020 Mutual embassies and trade deals
 Poja 2021 Mutual embassies and trade deals