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5 February 2023

4 February 2023

24 January 2023

17 October 2022

  • 05:1905:19, 17 October 2022 diff hist +3,015 N Vignette:Mouths to FeedCreated page with "{{Vignette Start|Mouths to Feed|Saint Thomas' Cathedral, Gilioto Tomaso, Kingdom of Veikaia|February 14th, 1978}} {{drop|S}}urprisingly, there had been nights in Alva that were colder than this. {{Indent vig}}Even inside the cathedral, he could feel the thud of artillery far off in the distance. The stained glass, somehow untouched by the chaos of conflict, cast a rainbow-coloured glow within the open halls of the cathedral as the morning sun danced along hi..." current
  • 05:1305:13, 17 October 2022 diff hist +152 m Vignette:Border BoredomNo edit summary current

3 October 2022

  • 05:0105:01, 3 October 2022 diff hist +3,892 N Vignette:Don't Fence Me InCreated page with "{{Vignette Start|Don't Fence Me In|Parliament House, Praesel, Commonwealth of New Valentina|September 14th, 1966}} {{drop|B}}eing gored by an autocannon round and missing an entire leg wasn’t how he was expecting to go out, to say the least. {{Indent vig}}It hurts like hell, of course. Suddenly missing a leg from the knee down tends to elicit that sort of reaction. Lying on the floor, the dust from the ceiling above stings his eyes as it shakes with..." current

29 September 2022

14 September 2022

11 September 2022

7 September 2022

6 September 2022

2 September 2022

20 August 2022

  • 01:4901:49, 20 August 2022 diff hist +3,276 N Vignette:Border BoredomCreated page with "{{Vignette Start|Border Boredom|Roosenvoort, State of Insennia|February 11th, 2003}} {{drop|T}}he field of tulips Roland watches over is about as close to Goetia as he’ll ever get. Somewhere far off in the distance, someone is staring right back at him through a pair of binoculars. He may be huddled comfortably in his little Trabant, or precariously perched high up on the branches of a sturdy elm. He could even be sitting miles away, sitting in front of a..."

4 August 2022

  • 21:0121:01, 4 August 2022 diff hist +2,820 N Vignette:Small StepsCreated page with "{{Vignette Start|Small Steps|Hayamoto Castle, Hayamoto, New Styria Territory|May 1st, 1873}} {{drop|''"''}}''I am trying my darndest to use these things, and I am not making any damn progress!”'' {{Indent vig}}''“Karl did just fine after a week of practice, ambassador. I’m sure you can master them faster than he can.”'' {{Indent vig}}''“God willing, I will master this by the end of this week or I will serve my own head on a platter to the Kaiser..." current

30 July 2022

15 July 2022

  • 03:0903:09, 15 July 2022 diff hist +7,019 N Vignette:The First StageCreated page with "{{Vignette Start|The First Stage|University of Schangau Neu-Meissen Campus, Schangau, Confederate States of Northern Avalonia|January 29th, 2018}} {{drop|F}}or the first time in a very long while, he’s scared. {{Indent vig}}His heart should not be racing at the thought of her. His breath should not be short at the thought of last night. His cheeks should not be flush at the thought of what happened. It was just a little accidental peck on the forehead, right?..." current
  • 01:4901:49, 15 July 2022 diff hist −932 KTECNo edit summary

13 July 2022

12 July 2022

29 June 2022

28 June 2022

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