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Principality of Spencton
Banner of Spencton
Map of Tiperyn with Spencton highlighted and capital city marked
Map of Tiperyn with Spencton highlighted and capital city marked
Country  Tiperyn
Capital Spencton
 • Type Constitutional monarchy
 • Prince Lukas of Hawtrey
 • Total 32,375 km2 (13,000 sq mi)
Population (2021)
 • Total 5,031,075
 • Density 160/km2 (400/sq mi)
The Principality of Spencton (Tipsprek: Prinsdom fan Spensted) is a federated state of Tiperyn. It is the smaller of the two Anglic-speaking polities in Tiperyn after Haukvirth, and is administratively subordinated to Haukvirth as leader of Tiperyn's Anglic sphere. Spencton is the 14th most populous continental subdivision in Tiperyn with a population of 5 million as of 2021. Its capital is the eponymously named city of Spencton. Geographically Spencton is located in the Haukvirth Valley between the western and eastern arms of the Izerhert Mountain Range.

For a period of time Spencton was a protectorate of the larger Duchy of Haukvirth. Although independent with its own constitution, aristocracy, and royal protocols, much of Spencton's administration is under the authority of the Haukvirth government. For example, state emergency services, schooling, and taxation in Spencton are governed by Haukvirth. Spenctonians serving in the Realm Guard also generally served in Anglic-speaking Haukvirther regiments, as Spencton does not maintain its own independent continental army (an administrative corps of regiments).