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The Tiperyn peerage is the legal system dictating hereditary and lifetime titles among the noble class of the Holy Tiperyn Realm. The peerage system is endorsed by the Tiperyn Empress, with the monarch holding power over what ranks are recognized within the Realm, but peerages are actually granted by the chief executive of the duchy or principality they reside. The exception is for nobles born to House Highal—the ruling family of Tipslan and Tiperyn—in that they can hold peerages from outside of the Grand Duchy of Tipslan. New monarchs retain the titles they were granted prior to ascending to the throne, which are granted by the Empress of Tiperyn. The only administrative division on the home island that does not participate in hereditary peerage is the State of Kanaalbaken, whose chief executive Archlord is elected by a council of aristocrats.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

(English Shorthand)
Recognized in Holdings Notes
Grand Duchess/Duke Grand Duchies Grand Duchy The chief executive of a Grand Duchy attained through succession. There is only one Grand Duchy in Tiperyn—the Grand Duchy of Tipslan—with its Grand Duchess always simultaneously holding the title of Empress of the Holy Tiperyn Realm. The Grand Duchess of Tipslan is the seniormost Duchess/Duke in Tiperyn.
Duchess/Duke Duchies Duchy The chief executive of a Duchy attained through succession.
Princess/Prince Principalities Principality The chief executive of a Principality attained through succession.