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Tipsprek profanities (Tipsprek: Vizjys, tr. "consecration"; Vlok, tr. "curse") are strongly vulgar, offensive and rude phrases in the Tipsprek language, which can but not always be used as insults or intensifiers. Many have their origins in Tiperyn's commoner class and derive their meanings from frustration with the Tiperyn aristocracy and First Apostolic Church. Others are more general references and have more distant origins. In Tiperyn, profanities are colloquially known as vizjyses (consecrations) ironically referencing the church or vlokes (curses).

Common profanities[edit | edit source]

  • eukoj — Derived from the Eucharist
  • Marijsnacheboort — Meaning Mary's afterbirth.
  • motrkut — Derived from moeter, meaning "mother" (referencing female priests), and kut, a vulgar word meaning vagina.
  • naktkelk — A portmanteau of Naktpot (meaning chamber pot, a portable toilet) and kelk (meaning chalice in a religious context).
  • Sodomisk — The demonym for Sodom, used to reference individuals who engage in anal intercourse. Usually used as an equivalent to the Anglic word "whore".
  • strunt — Meaning shit
  • tavernak — Derived from the tabernacle that holds the Eucharist
  • vorst — Derived from vorthudt, meaning "foreskin" in reference to the Holy Prepuce.
  • zjieuls — Jewels, referring to testicles