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UJ.23 Skilvakt
Role Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV)
Manufacturer Hansen Flyfabrikk
Designer Ringerike
First flight 5 February 2021
Introduction Projected IOC Mid 2023
Status In Development
Primary user Royal Ringerike Air Force (Luftforsvaret)
Number built 2

The UJ.23 Skilvakt (Anglic: Sentinel) is an Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle under development by the Ringerike Armed Forces via a joint program overseen by the Navy and Air Force, the aircraft is intended to provide a rugged, low-cost attritable airframe to take on a variety of combat and non-combat roles such as Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses and Air-to-air refueling for the Navy. Proposed variants may also conduct a role similar to AEW aircraft by carrying air search Radars that may be linked back to ship-borne battle management and tracking systems.



  • Hansen Skiltvakt: Original variant adopted by the Ringerike Royal Air Force

Service Variants

  • UJ.23: Variant intended for service with the Ringerike Royal Air Force.
  • UJ.23S: Variant intended for service with the Ringerike Royal Navy. It differs from the standard version by the fitting of a strengthened landing gear and arrestor hook, it is expected to perform a wider range of duties leveraging a greater array of equipment fitted into interchangeable mission pods.

Specifications (Hansen Skiltvakt)

General Characteristics

  • Crew: None


  • Range: 3,700 km (2,300 mi, 2,000 nmi)


4x Underwing Hardpoints and Internal Weapons bay for a mixture of munitions, projected to mostly consist of Dragefyr ASMs and still under development systems, it is also intended to be capable of carrying the Bueskytter AAM. The Underwing hardpoints will also be capable of mounting drop tanks and buddy fueling pods.


  • RingerikeRingerike Royal Air Force: 2 Full Size Prototypes undergoing trials.