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Pioner Service Module
Function Service Module
Manufacturer Kongelig Romoppskytningsgruppe
Country of origin  Ringerike
Diameter 3.9 m (Minus Solar Arrays)
Launch history
Status Active

The Pioner (Anglic: Pioneer) Service Module is a Ringeriker designed service module for the Chezzetcooker ....... Spacecraft, it provides as the vehicle's primary power and propulsion component in orbit as well as more capable life support systems. It also provides an optionally pressurized cargo/habitation space for longer duration missions. Power is primarily generated by on board solar arrays that deploy once in orbit. Two variants have been proposed with the active one powered by MON3/Aerozine 50 and another proposed to run on a mixture either Hydrogen or Methane and Liquid Oxygen, both of which are suggested for their ease of manufacture on other planetary bodies.

The Pioner has also been proposed for development into an orbital tug for other craft, and a Pioner derived cargo vehicle is said to be under development.