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  • Jungastian: Programa Internacional de Cosmonáutica e Exploração Espacial da Anterra
    Agranan: Programa Internacional de Cosmonáutica y Exploración Espacial de Anterra
    Vallisian: Programme International de Cosmonautique et d'Exploration Spatiale d'Anterra
    Anglic: ანტრის საერთაშორისო კოსმონავტიკისა და კოსმოსური საძიებო პროგრამების პროგრამა
    Norsk: Anterran International Cosmonautics and Space Exploration Programme
    Govic: Internasjonalt Program for Kosmonautikk og Romutforskning av Anterra
    Gardic : Internaziony Cosmonauticaz ond Cosmosforzaran Coauperat an Antaria
    Ostbish : Anterska Geimferða- og Geimkönnunarstofnunin
    Internationell Dosmonautik och Rymdutforskningsprogram för Anterska
Motto Latin: “Hinc Itur Ad Astra"
(Anglic From Here The Way Leads To The Stars
Formation 12 April 1959
Type Space Agency
Headquarters Santa Helena, Jungastia
Official language
International Director
Placeholder McPlaceholderface
Website anter.cosmos

AnterCosmos (Officially: Anterran International Cosmonautics and Space Exploration Programme) is a multinational space agency, founded on the 12th of April 1959 as a cooperative structure for space agencies of Agrana y Griegro, Boaga, Chezzetcook and Jungastia.



AnterCosmos is overseen by a board, numbering one member for each of the contributing nation, with each having an equal vote in it's decisions. The board is solely responsible with setting the general direction of AnterCosmos and approving programs, it is not responsible for the running of programs or the day to day operations of the agency. Additional funding for individual programs is allocated by member nations at their discretion, and often in exchange for greater say in it's operations, for example access to the data a new observatory for it's universities. The the head of the board is elected by it's members every four years, and acts as AnterCosmos's public figurehead for the period.

Contributing Nations

Contributor Joining Date
Agrana y Griegro 12 April 1959 (Founder)
Boaga 12 April 1959 (Founder)
Chezzetcook 12 April 1959 (Founder)
Jungastia 12 April 1959 (Founder)
Samotkhe 13 May 1977
Iere 18 August 1977
Mero-Curgovina 19 September 1984
Ringerike 7 February 1983
Gardarike 17 June 1988
Ostboland 4 November 1991
Helinika 6 June 2006


Launch Sites

  • Nordland Rocket Range, Ringerike:

The Nordland Rocket Range is a high latitude rocket launch range used primarily for sounding rockets used for exo-atmospheric research, it also houses a propulsion system test range used for static ground firing tests. The facility is also capable of launching smaller orbital rockets into polar orbits.

Research Centres


Major Projects


AnterNavi is a global navigation satellite system operated by AnterCosmos to provide member nations a free at point of use high precision positioning system, with lower precision services being free to access for all, the system provides horizontal and vertical position measurements within 1-metre (3 ft 3 in) precision with 24 Satellites currently active in the constellation, with the satellites being actively replaced with updated models over time.

(INSERT NAME HERE) Space Station

The (INSERT NAME HERE) space station is AnterCosmos's primary orbital habitat, of modular construction the first sections were put into orbit in the year 2000. It serves primarily as a microgravity laboratory, in which scientific research is conducted in astrobiology, astronomy, meteorology, physics, and other fields as well as testing systems for other, longer range space exploration missions. The average orbital altitude of 400km which is maintained by either the on-board propulsion module or visiting spacecraft.

Launch Vehicle Fleet

The launch vehicle fleet of AnterCosmos is wholly owned and operated by the organization itself, however they are designed and constructed to it's specification by a mixture of private and member state-owned firms. Design specifications are issued when the need for a new system or product is required, these specifications vary from general aims to detailed list of conditions and requirements depending on the exact project being commissioned, the proposals are then evaluated and the preferred one is selected by AnterCosmos, allocated funding and a contract is issued.


An Orbiter awaiting Launch.

The (INSERT NAME) is a spaceplane developed by AnterCosmos to both deliver payloads into orbit as well as ferry personnel to and from orbital habitats and other spacecraft/satellites in need of repair. It was designed with cross range reach and wide availability of landing sites in mind, with the orbiter capable of landing on conventional runways. It's stated payload capacity is 30 tonnes to low orbit.


The (INSERT NAME) is a super-heavy launch system designed for a low cost and ease of engineering in mind, it is semi-reusable in it's current iteration with a payload to low orbit nearing 550 tonnes. Built of sheet steel and propelled in the first stage by a singular huge engine outputting 36,000,000 kgf (350 MN; 79,000,000 lbf) of thrust. The rocket is launched from water, towed out to sea before being oriented upright and fueled. It can be built in shipyards as opposed to dedicated rocket launch facilities due to it's construction simplicity and launch methods.