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Taanqe Ka’a Tipe 61
Type 61 Medium Tank
Type Medium tank
Place of origin Kasibaar Kasibaar
Service history
In service 1961—present
Production history
Produced Kasibaar:
1991—2005 (Type 61B and B/1)
Weight 37 metric ton (40.7 short ton)
Length Gun Forward: 9.36 m
Chassis: 6.74 m
Width 3.4 m (11 ft 4 in)
Height 2.62 m (8 ft 7 in)
Crew 4 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver)

Armor 178mm cast turret front
100mm cast turret sides
76.5mm upper hull front at 60°
76.5mm upper hull sides
35mm lower hull sides
50mm hull rear at 0°
122mm L/40 rifled tank gun
38 rounds, two piece bagged charge
1× 7.65mm general-purpose machine gun (coaxial)
Engine Inline 8cyl, 36.5 L turbo diesel
450 hp (335.6 kW)
Power/weight 12.2 hp (8.97 kW) / tonne
Transmission Mechanical, 6 forward, 1 reverse
Suspension Torsion bar
Ground clearance 40 cm
Fuel capacity 500 L internal, 100 L external, 400 L rear drums
300 km
Speed 45 km/h (27.9 mph)


Developed from captured Wolfhound tanks which were purchased from Akiteiwa in limited quantity. Modified to better fit domestic production capabilities and available technologies.

Design choices


122mm L/40 rifled gun
  • Ballistically equivalent to D-25T/D-49 122mm guns.
  • Chosen over available 107mm rifled gun with better AT performance due to Kasibaar having strong beliefs in tanks being for infantry support primarily, anti-tank use is secondary.






Production models

Type 61A

  • Base model
    • Unstabilised gun, gun never received a stabiliser in domestic models for cost reasons.
    • Underpowered engine
    • Limited range
    • Underpowered horizontal/azimuth turret traverse motor.
Type 61A/1 (1968)
  • Up-armoured hull, additional 76.5mm plate welded to UFP
  • V12 turbo diesel
  • New more reliable transmission
  • Updated 122mm L/40 rifled gun
    • Increased maximum pressure to allow use of new "overpressure" APDS round.
    • Updated breech to be more space efficient.
    • New elevation and azimuth turret motors increasing traverse speeds.
  • Air conditioning becomes standard
Type 61A/2 (1979)
  • Passive IR
  • First generation laser rangefinder mounted externally
  • Updated 122mm L/40 rifled gun
    • Increased pressure and barrel life
    • First generation APFSDS

Type 61B (1985)

  • Major overhaul of hull and turret construction
    • Frontal hull slope re-designed, 153mm of armour @68°.
    • New Gr'aan torr (Anglic Lit.: Grand tower, Anglic: Large turret), 300mm of armour along frontal arc.
    • Solid state fire control computer and linked fire control system
      • Stabilised articulated telescopic sight for gunner
        • Integrated laser rangefinder
        • Automatic lead calculation
        • First generation thermal sight.
          • Initially only 1 in 5 vehicles (command vehicles only) received TV thermal sights, the remainder received TV Infrared optics as night fighting equipment.
Type 61B/1 (1991)
  • New 122mm L/45 rifled gun
    • Some vehicles did not receive this gun initially due issues producing steel of sufficient quality to withstand desired pressures. A stop gap upgrade for the short 122mm was used with a cut down thermal sleeve.
    • Increased operating pressure, larger propellant charge
    • Longer barrel
    • Equivalent to U5TS 115mm.
    • Thermal sleeve
  • New commanders independently rotating periscope, first generation thermal, magnified optic, unity sight and laser rangefinder.
Type 61C (2005)
  • Limited service. Designed to bring commonality with Type 04 medium tank (replacement for Type 61 family) that entered service the year prior.
    • ERA kit along frontal arc of turret and hull on some vehicles.
    • Muzzle reference device
    • Second generation thermal sights
    • New suspension
      • Six roadwheels
    • New V12 turbo diesel
      • required hull to be lengthened and engine deck to be raised

Service history

Combat history





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