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Agrusion d’Echipe Logistiiqe d’Ga’alise
Ga'alise Logistics Equipment Pool
Joint stock multinational corporation
Traded as AELG
Industry Logistics
Equipment Rental
Equipment pooling
Predecessor Raael Kiith'un d’Echipe Logistiiqe d’Ga’alise
Royal Ga'alise Logistics Equipment Union
Founded 1961
Headquarters Purto d'Ga'alise, Kasibaar
Area served
Products Pallets
Pallet handling equipment
Pallet racking
Shipping containers

AELG (Agrusion d’Echipe Logistiiqe d’Ga’alise) is a company which offers pallet and container pooling services, pallet manufacturing, pallet racking and other material handling equipment serving customers worldwide. It founded the Avalonian Logistics Standards Organisation and eventually the Anterran Logistics Standards Organisation.

AELG currently operates a pool of over 450 million pallets, containers and other pieces of material handling equipment world wide.


AELG evolved from the Raael Kiith'un d’Echipe Logistiiqe d’Ga’alise (Anglic: Royal Ga'alise Logistics Equipment Union), an organisation formed by the Ga'lise Kiith in the 18th Century as a central committee for the control of naval logistics equipment and trade from the free port city of Ga'lise in western Kasibaar. The organisation played a major role in Coral sea trade providing services from logistics equipment auditing to the manufacturing of barrels, crates and skids along with other goods handling equipment.

Their services would eventually expand along the entire coast of western Avalonia through the 18th and 19th Century becoming a major handler of trade equipment on Avalonia by the early 20th Century being present or utilized by most Avalonian coastal states. With the advent of trains as freight transport the organisation invested into cargo carrying wagons and entered the business of equipment rental and leasing, expanding business into inland Avalonia.

In 1924 the organisation would patent the design for a "reinforced skid" - later internationally called a "pallet" - and the first commercial lift truck which is known internationally as a forklift. The two inventions were designed to be utilised in unison with the reinforced skids being specifically designed to be carried safely by lift trucks, the design allowing the movement of up to two tonnes on a standard reinforced skid. The widespread adoption of the reinforced skid across Avalonia would eventually lead to the natural standardisation of Kasibaar reinforced skid sizes as a continental standard. In 1930 the organisation would work with the Kasibaar government to discuss and negotiate with various major Avalonian governments the founding of the Avalonian Logistics Standards Organisation, officially establishing the standardization of logistics standards across the Avalonian continent. Throughout the 1930's the organisation would establish operations in Artemia and Kesh and began serving world wide.

The organisation reformed into a public joint-stock company in 1961 following the collapse of the Kasibaar monarchy and formation of the modern Kasibaar confederal republic.




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