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I exist, for all I know.

Nation: Mursland, Benagitia (WIP)

User:TurtleAndRabbit/Sandbox1 - Azeer Steel write up (shelved)

User:TurtleAndRabbit/Sandbox2 - Pledsemmekhih (shelved)

User:TurtleAndRabbit/Sandbox3 - CONCEPT LEGEND

User:TurtleAndRabbit/Sandbox4 - Timekeeping on Anterra (concept, shelved)

User:TurtleAndRabbit/Sandbox5 - Republic of Ovancia (old concept lore, kept for record)

User:TurtleAndRabbit/Sandbox6 - Communism in the Ovancian Empire (shelved)

User:TurtleAndRabbit/Sandbox7 - Dual country concept (shelved)

User:TurtleAndRabbit/Why Template:Company-list table start is a stupid template - Worth a look :)

This title has a
line break


Okay, but if I were to type a long ass heading title, would the table of the contents cause the line to do a line break and wrap around, cut off the title early (my hypothesis), or bleed of the screen as the sentence will surpass the standard screenwidth of my browser? Only one way to find out.

filler text

Oh wow! I am surprised it does an actual wrap around. But now I wonder if the allignment of the paragraph matches that of the order of heading or always defaults to the bottom line as were the heading level 2 has cut off as seen in the previous heading. Thus, to see if the coders of wikimedia have thoroughly made the code flexible enough to also deal with headings of level 3 and up


I stand corrected, but am not surprised for a website package this old and common

the end