Vignette:Agony on the Autobahn

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Agony on the Autobahn
A4 Autobahn, Schangau, Free State of Schangau, Confederate States of Northern Avalonia
August 30th, 2015

here isn’t just one bead of sweat dripping down from his head, there’s hundreds.

Ansgar’s hands fidget as if the heat is making it rattle like a pot lid on a hot stove. His eyes dart around the confines of his cramped car as it chugs down the Autobahn, its speed governed more by the cars around him than the gas pedal under his foot. The air conditioner is on full blast, but it isn’t doing much to hinder the rays of the sun beating down on the dashboard and onto his bare skin.

“It’ll be an uncomfortable day for everybody, with temperatures state-wide reaching a scorching hot 30 degrees centigrade and 75% humidity. A special weather statement has been issued for the Schangau Metropolitan Region due to higher than usual temperatures, so wear sunscreen, drink water, and stay out of the sun if possible. And now, the traffic report with Frank Riess.”

The car horns blaring all around him make his head hurt. The heat turned his skull into a rice cooker, and his brain the rice inside. His car had crawled to a stop now, and the sweat in his eyes burned like hell. The radio played a little jingle before another voice squeaked out from the speakers.

“The A1 ring road is congested from Rochau to Lichterfelde due to a minor two-car collision under the Wernickestraße overpass. Roadwork around Sandau Park has restarted, so expect heavy traffic downtown. Traffic on the A4 has come to a halt around Neu-Upahl and Kyritz due to a stalled vehicle in the middle lane, so consider alternate routes if possible.”

Hearing why he was stuck under the boiling sun didn’t help whatsoever. His head was pounding now; he’d be late for the morning meeting and his morning coffee. He made up his mind, turning on his indicators to get the hell out of this mess.

“Our helicopters report no incidents on the A2 and A3, so divert your route through these roads if you can. A two-car collision south of Alvastraße and Singaradscher Platz has closed off three lanes, and construction on Wodarg and Dorfstraße has closed off all but one lane each. That’s been your traffic report, now to your morning news.”

The unbridled rage inside of him is starting to bubble now. With an exit in sight, he tries to rein back his temper.

He belts out a strained scream when he realises the exit ramp leads into a construction zone.

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