Vignette:Alive in Paradise

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Alive in Paradise
Sambirejo, Sragen, Republic of East Ramay
19th of December 1967

“Do you think Avalonia is nice this time around?”

“Of course it is! I heard they have the coolest beaches and hotels in the whole world!”.

“Oh God I can't wait any long-”

“Stop your blabbering and get in the car right now! We need to beat rush hour traffic if we want to catch our flight.” Interrupted the mother.

Their mother was scurrying between the kitchen and the garage, making sure each and every item, bag, suitcases, and whatnots were all packed in the trunk of the '65 Ksatriya. It has been an exhausitng day for her.

“But ma, isn't the airport only a few kilomters away from us? We can just take the highway.” exclaimed Budi.

“Now that everyone has owned a car, we may be greeted with bumper-to-bumper traffic at best, or total gridlock at worst. Now, will you please bring your bags and put them near the trunk?” replied their mother.

The two boys picked up their rugged bags and carried them over to the driveway, where their father was already waiting for them.

“Are you ready to go to paradise, my boys?” Their father asked enthustiastically.

“Of course we are, dad! We can't wait to see the golden beaches of Iere!” They responded in unison.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get in the car! We'll go as soon as your mother finishes briefing the maid.”

Soon, their mother approached them and entered. The car left the house and headed straight towards the airport, and thakfully, traffic wasn't that bad. The airport was dense and crowded with all sorts of people trying to get to their flights, many left in confusion. The family boarded their afternoon flight, and the boys peered at the landscape in awe.

“I can't believe we're on our way to paradise!” Said the younger one.

Their mother smiled, and resumed reading a magazine offered by the airline.

“If only you guys knew that we are the ones living in paradise right now.” The mother kept to herself.

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