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As the Flag Lowers
Singaradscha, Condominium of Singaradscha
28th of February 1966

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for Kaiser Wilhelm V of Goetia.”

The two-thousand large crowd promptly stood up synchronized to greet the Kaiser of Goetia (or at least what was left of Goetia). The Kaiser, in a grim tone, nodded at all the attendees while marching to his designated spot followed by his encore. His footsteps thumped the red carpet leading to his seat.

“And now, let us greet President Suwiryo of East Ramay.”

President Suwiryo's facial expression was the complete opposite of Kaiser Wilhelm V, though it would be hard to tell instantly. His gestures energetic, and his grin masqueraded in a serious poker face. Tonight was the night the Condominium of Singaradscha was "returned" to East Ramay along the provisions signed by both parties in the Treaty of Kedibaya. The clock struck 23.00 as the two leaders had taken their spots and viewed the grand stage where the East Ramayan and the imperial Goetic flags were flying high.

“We welcome all attendees at tonight's historic handover ceremony. I, Mashudi, would personally be the Master of Ceremony for today's ceremony. Before we begin, we invite His Imperial Majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm V to give his remarks on this grand stage.”

Kaiser Wilhelm stood up from his gold-plated chair and headed for the grand stage, where a podium and mic had already been prepared for him. He searched his pockets for his notes before giving his remarks.

“Mr. Suwiryo and the delegation of East Ramay, the grand state of East Ramay, and of course my beloved Singaradscha, I stand before you tonight as a testament towards the friendships between our nations. I do not have any more words to give except that I am sorry, and I personally hope Singaradscha and East Ramay will continue to prosper.”

The Kaiser's shaky voice rendered the audience quiet. He quietly wept a single tear on stage, knowing all too well that his reign marked the end of an era, the end of an empire long in decline. Sure, he still had his place in Alva, but his Imperial Goetic Government in Exile and the Alvak state had grown apart over the past decades. Kaiser Wilhelm stepped down from the podium and returned to his seat.

“Thank you Kaiser Wilhelm for your speech. Now, we would like to invite Mr. Suwiryo to give his remarks.” Mashudi announced. President Suwiryo jumped from his seat and walked towards the podium.

“His Imperial Majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm V and his diplomatic encore, the people of East Ramay, and of course, the citizens of Singaradscha, I welcome you today in our lands as witnesses of eternal friendship and solidarity. The people of East Ramay gladly welcome the entry of Singaradscha into our country, and will respect Singaradscha's unique traditions and cultures as a result of Goetic partnership for the past century or so.” President Suwiryo said.

President Suwiryo spoke for a few more minutes regarding the friendships of both nations and the importance of Singaradscha within East Ramay. President Suwiryo finally finished his speech after about seven minutes.

“We say thank you to both leaders for sharing their remarks. We now invite you to view a dance and a musical number performed by the Singaradscha Dance Community!”

The music began to play. A dozen dancers sporting traditional Singaradscher outfits with very noticeable Goetic influences flooded the stage, bringing entertainment for the audience. The moves and dances portrayed showed acculturation of the two cultures and highlighted the Singa people. After the dances were complete, a fireworks show was held. The clock then struck 23.55.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a grand night, but we have reached the peak of our ceremony. All attendees are requested to stand.” announced Mashudi.

Kaiser Wilhelm clenched his arms while standing. Members of the JSF crowded the Goetic and colonial flag of Singaradscha, lowering both flags in unison while the imperial Goetic anthem was played for the last time. The Kaiser closed his eyes while the flag was lowered. After the flag was lowered, the Anthem of the Republic of East Ramay was played for the first time exactly at 00.00, marking the end of Singaradscha as a separate entity.

“It's been a good run, my boy, it has really been.” Wilhelm kept to his heart.

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