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Night at the Museum
Dietrich Clemens Museum of Contemporary Art, Nankotsu, Imperial Akitei Protectorate of Shimakawa
June 14th, 2018

uiet chatter filled the gallery as guests gazed at the art pieces hanging from every wall. A marble statue with outstretched wings of frayed, rusting metal took up most of the crowd’s attention. The glass panels peppered with thousands of raindrops clattering vigorously against it provided some soothing background noise to Ryuichi and Akina as they stared at the artificial angel in the middle of the room.

“Typhoon season’s already here,” Ryuichi broke the silence. “And the director was still pretty adamant about holding this exhibition.”

“Wasn’t this planned three months ago?” asked Akina.

“Four months, actually.”

“So they started this right after the winter exhibition? The, uh…” Akina sucked her teeth in as her brain churned up past memories.

“Not that one. The Valentine’s mini-exhibition featuring Madame Yao.”

“That one was filler, wasn’t it?”

“Don’t be so rude. She paid good money for that."

Ryuichi crossed his arms as he let off a restrained chuckle and a muted smile. Akina continued to ponder at the statue.

“What do you think it represents?”

Ryuichi paused, inspecting the body. “Do you want my answer or the museum docent’s?”

“You’re the museum docent.”

He chuckled. “The struggles of the past each of us have lived through shape our fate. Each dent in our wings affects where we’ll fly.”

“Is that the docent talking, or you?”

“The docent. If you ask me, it’s a cool plaster angel. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Akina shot an unexpected glare into his eyes. He stepped back, humorously feigning shock.

“How the hell did you manage to get this position?”

“You know I managed preservation and storage before this. I honestly don’t know.”

“Did you pay the director off? Does the director take a liking to you?”

“You saw how the director chewed me out last time there was mould in storage.”

The two laughed at their own little petty argument before their gazes returned to the statue.

“I wasn’t planning on this to be a date,” muttered Ryuichi. “But I’ll take it.”

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