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On my ideological thoughts and the Goetic Communists
Written for The Veikan Torch by Comrade Gabril Najiluvo.
December 3rd, 1946

n recent years I have been hounded, as is the only way I can describe it, by questioning and reproaches by several key fellow comrades of the Communist Party of Wagnerist leanings. While I hold nothing but respect for them and their revolutionary zeal, I must disagree with several key areas of their ideological doctrine, particularly their belief in that the material conditions of the various peoples that inhabit our nation are similar and sometimes even equal to those of our comrades in the states of Goetia and the URSA. These Goetic Communists, as I have come to call them, have attacked me ferociously, even repeatedly calling me a class traitor!

Truth is; however, I am what I have come to call a “Communist Realist”. Unlike the idealists to our west, I realize that the material conditions of our post-Grand Campaigns world are significantly different than those comrades Duval and Wagner experienced in their prime. We live in an increasingly interconnected and economically interdependent world, where complete isolation from the capitalist system will render our socialist experiment futile and ultimately, a failure.

Comrades, socialism should not be a complete destruction of the old order; such a thing would be foolish. Capitalism has succeeded for so long for a reason, I have spent many years analyzing the economic conditions of both capitalist and socialist states of Artemia and the world. As such, I have come to the unequivocal realization that the most efficient and fair method of distribution of resources within the nation is but a controlled market system. This has landed me in hot water among the more orthodox members of the party, who see this as almost heretical to their dogma of control.

I am a known federalist, a believer in decentralization, and as such I cannot with a pure heart align with the Goetic ideals of centralized control over the people and economy. Such a thing would be an attack on the freedom of the proletariat. Healthy, controlled and fair competition between worker-managed and owned workplaces will create the proper conditions for economic growth and success for both the nation and the peoples. For this reason, I am called by many a “Market Communist” or “Market Socialist”, but such terminology puts the idea of the market on the forefront of my thought, which it is not.

Ultimately, the market is but a powerful tool in the toolbelt of the socialist state. One of many.

The decentralization and socialist revolution of the state requires a decentralization of the economy too. A “revolutionary market system” if you will. Another point that seems to feed the ire of those of Goetic alignment is my beliefs in the council system of government. I am a believer in the decentralization not only of the economy of course, but also of the state. One person should not be in control of large portions of the government, and power should be delegated and divided among several members of the Communist Party, who in turn should be democratically elected.

This, the Goetic ideologue does not like.

They see it as cumbersome, slow, not efficient. I jokingly tie this among my colleagues to the Geudic obsession with efficiency, God forbid a decision isn’t taken within 5 minutes. They instead posite centralized, authoritarian systems of government, where decisions are taken quickly and everyone is forced to agree upon them in a binding manner.

I see such a system as unfair. Efficiency is something I am more than willing to sacrifice in the name of true socialist democracy for the people. Ideological differences within reason should be welcome to the debate. Our party is one of the most ideologically diverse in Artemia and we should welcome this fact, take advantage of it. Debate is good, and even if it may take time an agreement will eventually be reached one way or another. And if a quick response is required in case of emergency, a table of commissars can be designated as needed.

This dramatic overreaction to my thinking however has overshadowed other aspects of my beliefs that I also have a need to mention: I hold great respect for the revolutionaries of both Goetic and Ovancian origin, their struggle for the liberation of the proletariat is admirable. As such, I find myself agreeing with several of the points they have posited through the years. Particularly their belief in the vanguard of the party, which I deem incredibly important. Some say that the vanguard is but a new elite, a simple group of thugs. This belief is very much shallow, and ignores the level of ideological understanding needed to truly lead a revolution forwards.

Every scientific field has leading experts, experts that are trusted to lead the field and the less experienced forwards. The theory of Duval and its offspring are a political science. This is why we need a special group of truly class-conscious individuals to lead the proletarian masses forwards and spread the word.

I, as is quite obvious for those that follow my writings, also agree with their revolutionary outlook on workers liberation. As the social democrats have proven in the Ostovo Agreement of decades past, polite debate and civil defiance do not overthrow dictators and kings. It is necessary, imperative even, that the masses arm themselves in defiance of the monarchs and dictators of the world and overthrow them in the name of freedom and peace. Violence may be something the weaker minded social democrats and liberals shy away from, and I too agree to an extent that it is not necessarily desirable, but it is the only way we can achieve our goals swiftly and efficiently. Like removing an old bandage from a wound, it is painful but a necessary part of the process lest the wound is left to fester.

Ultimately as some closing words to my thoughts, I would like to say that the Goetic Communist should not be seen as an enemy, but merely a different branch of the same tree. We may be different but ultimately, we are brothers in arms and our goals are the same. As such I invite cooperation and debate and a peaceful future to all those within the Communist Party.

Onwards to Victory for all Working People!

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