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Archived recording of Radio Lower Alva
May 19th, 1958

he radio station interrupts its playing of the Neu-Amden Philharmonic’s performance of Im Kahlenbergerdörfel. After a brief period of silence, an unidentified voice of a man speaks.

“Hello? Is this working?”

The sound of paper rustling is faintly audible, followed by the screech of a chair being pulled in.

“This is a message from the Alvastadt garrison head, Maximilian Hoess.”

The man is interrupted by his own coughing.

“To the citizens of Alvastadt, I compel you to remain sheltered in your homes during the current situation. This reorganization of duties has warranted a state of emergency to be put in place for the Alvastadt region. The current curfew of 7 AM to 10 PM has been temporarily modified to the current times of 8 AM to 9:30 PM until further notice.”

The man coughs again.

“To the members of the Reichswehr, I ask of you to remain vigilant during these arduous times. The situation regarding our border territories with the Kodeshian state has changed, and it is not in our favour. As of today, all offensive activities on the front are now postponed until further notice.”

A faint thump is heard in the background.

“To the citizens of Alva, I ask that you remain calm. A nationwide state of emergency may be put in place in the near future should the situation in the capital deteriorate. The modified curfew will be implemented should the state of emergency be required.”

A door creaks open in the background before being slammed shut.

“This message will repeat in Thalassian and Aravan. Long live the Kaiser. Long live Alva.”

After a brief period of silence periodically broken by faint voices, another unknown male voice speaks, repeating the message in Thalassian. This repeats, with a third unknown male voice repeating the message in Aravan.

After one last extended period of silence, the radio returns to its regular broadcast, beginning with a recording of Otto Kohl’s Leb’ wohl, Irene.

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