Vignette:Seeing the Same Sky

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Seeing the Same Sky
Grand Wynia Hotel, Praesel, Commonwealth of New Valentina
January 5th, 2022

alentijn’s awake, to his own dismay. The television’s still on from last night, and the sound of the morning news is starting to wake up Thea as well. His arm has gone numb from cuddling her all night; when she too gets up, it flops around like a dead fish when he tries to sit up. The couch made for a surprisingly good bed.

“Kooistra Group chairman Valentijn Rook is expected to arrive today for this year’s general stockholders’ meeting. This meeting marks his first as chairman after the passing of his grandmother last year from old age." The television speakers sounded annoying to Valentijn as he tried covering his ears to no avail. "The recent news involving him and his now-fiancee Thea van der Gets has contributed to KG stocks exploding in value, so keep an eye out for that.”

She groaned, half from her grogginess and half from her annoyance. “They never shut up about us, huh?”

He shot back with a pithy smirk. “I’m surprised they’re still reporting about us.” His tingling hand reached out for a television remote that wasn’t there. “It’s been months since we’ve been engaged, yet they make it sound like it was just yesterday.”

Thea tapped his head with the remote before handing it off to him. “I hear your brothers are still fuming after last year. Coffee?”

“Yes, please.” He turned the television off before collapsing back onto the couch again. “Oma wanted me to inherit her company, they have to deal with it. Where’s my slippers?”

“Check under the coffee table, you keep kicking stuff under things.”

He groaned, contorting his body as he grasped around the underside of the table, not willing to leave the comfort of the couch. “You know me so well.” He sat up once more with a pair of white slippers in his hand to the sound of the coffee machine chirping.

His feet lazily shuffled towards the window overlooking downtown Praesel. Something about the warm morning sunlight reflecting off of the skyscrapers evoked emotions of awe within him. As he draped his arms around Thea, he thought about where he could get the best dinner date with her. Did he have spare time at lunch? Was there anything before 5 PM he had to attend? Were his brothers planning to mess with him again this time?

“You’re blanking out again,” she spoke. “What are you worried about?”

He chuckled. “Are you free for lunch?”

She smiled warmly as she playfully elbowed him. “We’re going together, idiot.”

“What about dinner?” He nuzzled his face into hers as they watched the morning sunrise.

The pair stood there for quite some time, embracing each other in their own little ways.

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