Vignette:The Fire of Peace

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The Fire of Peace
Anonymous unofficial report from Seulgwang Conference, Seulgwang, Hwangchu
February 12th, 1960


he Great Kesh War peace negotiations were tense, to say the least. Representatives from Kodeshia and Akiteiwa sat across the table from Selengeria and Tiperyn, each side determined to protect their own interests and secure the best possible terms for their respective nations.

Guo Guotai, the de facto leader of Kodeshia, sat at the head of the Kodeshi delegation, his face impassive as he listened to the demands of the Selengerians and Tiperyns. The Selengerians were insisting on significant territorial concessions, while the Tiperyns were demanding reparations for the damage caused by the war.

The Kodeshi and Akitei representatives sat quietly, their faces vainglorious as reports of their successful nuclear test slowly filtered in to the Selengerian and Tiperyn representatives. The Selengerian representative's face grew red with anger as he realized the implications of the successful Akitei-Kodeshi atomic bomb test.

"This is a blatant violation of the armistice agreement!" The Selengerian representative spat out. "We will not stand for this. The Crown Concordant will not be threatened by your reckless actions."

Guo met the Selengerian's gaze, his own eyes cold and unyielding.

"You have brought this upon yourselves. You invaded our lands and tried to conquer our people. You have no right to dictate terms to us. We will do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and our allies."

With that, the peace talks ended, the conference carried on but the questions around the Kesh War ended without adopting any declarations or proposals. So the fragile armistice remained in place, but the threat of renewed conflict hung heavy in the air. The success of joint-nuclear weapons program had changed the balance of power, and the future of the region was uncertain.

Guo Guotai stood up, his face grim.

"We have shown the Selengerians and the Tiperyns that we will not be pushed around. We will not give in to their demands. We will continue to fight for our freedom and our sovereignty. The war may be over, but our struggle continues."

The Kodeshi and Akitei representatives nodded in agreement, their faces determined. The Selengerian and Tiperyn representatives stormed out of the conference room, furious at the Akitei-Kodeshi atomic weapons program.

The Failure of the Seulgwang Conference, left tensions high between the two sides. The future of the region was uncertain, and only time would tell what would happen next.

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