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The Revolutionary With A Suit
Niguernon, Confederal Republic of Arbenz
July 19th, 1991

“Remember to bring up the new tax breaks for the villages and do not say a word about the Anti-Treaty FURP.”

The aide said as he smoothed out Eduardo’s suit. Eduardo stood uncomfortably as he tried to straighten out his collar.

“Oh well why should I say anything about my companeros still dying to fight against a lasting peace, Raul”

Eduardo said sarcastically. Raul simply shook his head.

“I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Raul said as gave Eduardo a piece of paper containing a speech.

“Everything has already been written for you. We’ve had the linguists craft it perfectly. Every single word flows like silk.”

Eduardo looked at the piece of paper and frowned.

“I remember when I used to write my own speeches. Used to be a writer before I fought ya know.”

He said as he sighed and read the piece of paper. Raul simply smiled.

“But you are an even better orator and you’re becoming a busy man. No need to worry about writing anymore. We have trained people for that.”

Raul said as he buttoned up Eduardo’s suit.

“Another thing I learned while I fought. The guerrilla should be a generalist. The true communalist is the Everyman. The well-rounded man.”

Eduardo said as he looked off into the distance into nothingness.

“Well you can always add some final words about that. The communalist faction of the FURP always looks to you for a boost”

He finally finished buttoning up his suit and stepped back to get a good look at Eduardo.

“You look like a proper statesman now!”

Eduardo cringed as he said that.

“Please don’t call me that. I didn’t fight 15 years to become the thing I swore to destroy.”

Raul simply smiled. A door opened on the other side of the room.

“They’re waiting for you, Congressman Eduardo”

A guard said as he peaked open the door. Eduardo and Raul looked at each other as they proceeded through the door.

After walking through several hallways they finally reached the final door. Raul made sure Eduardo had everything. Right before Eduardo walked through the door Raul stopped him.

“I would say go kill ‘em but considering your past I don’t think it would be advisable”

Raul chuckled as Eduardo smirked. Eduardo saw himself through the door and entered the podium. A crowd was gathered as red and green flags waved among them as they all shouted Eduardo’s name.

Eduardo raised his hand and they all silenced.

“Companeros! All that I may call the people of Arbenz! We come together on the fifth anniversary of peace and the end of cruelty in this country!”

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