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We Are.
Wai Suoi Media Center, DAIWUH News 33, Taywu
October 28th, 2019

"Alright ma’am, we’re live in five, four, three, two-"

“DAIWUH News 33, I’m T’suo Minai. Scenes from Dakai Nong’s second day of riots have begun to circulate across the internet, depicting waves of protestors clashing with Rao police forces. Though unconfirmed, estimates state that approximately 85 arrests have been made since yesterday with many more soon to follow. One death has been reported. Public backlash against Provision 644, slated to be voted upon by the Yut Chung Mo legislature earlier this week, has been severe across the entire archipelago. The provision would have challenged the 1982 Autonomous Statute of the islands and pushed for expanded limits of eminent domain by the Bakanese central government. Critics argue that these changes would reduce the power of the Raocuengh legislatures and limit Rao inclusion in the governance of their own lands. The central government however, is adamant in their decision and is applying pressure on the Yut Chung Mo to pass the Provision in order to complete the expansion of the Heua Ak military airport. The planned upgrades require the seizure and demolishing of several historical residential districts as well as draining local swamplands.”

A local man is shown, interviewed by a news caster.

“Outrageous! The Governor-General isn’t even trying to fight this provision or taking it up to those dogs in Taywu! My ancestors lived here for decades, so what gives them the right to take my land just to build more runways?! It’s as if we don’t exist to those shrimp-backed politicians! WE ARE BAKANESE TOO!”

The screen pans to Dakai Nong Police Commander Bixj Ak Goei, addressing journalists.

“The security and stability of this city is of utmost importance. The destruction, violence, and degradation of this city is not befitting of civilized Rao values, and the instigators of such acts will be apprehended. Furthur acts of contumacy will result in stronger measures to restore order by the Dakai Nong Police.”

The screen shifts back to Minai.

“Minister of Internal Affairs, Aeuj Sik Cuengh, is scheduled to address the Yut Chung Mo tomorrow in regards to the current situation on the islands. Governor-General An Gaoh Bing has yet to appeal to the Imperial Court, although Bakanese military units have been seen guarding the legislative building. Reports also state that protests have taken place on the major islands of Nuengxdakgoeng, Heungdakboh, and Aubohmeh. We will continue reporting on this situation upon further updates. T’suo Minai, DAIWUH News 33.”

Whew. Did my hair look better than last time?

Yep. Curly as always, ma’am.

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