Vignette:Who said there wasn't any guerrilla?

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Who said there wasn't any guerrilla?
Juarita, Chiqisalo Department, Federal Republic of Arbenz
April 12th, 1969

"Move! Move! I don't want to be fucking caught here!" Said Eduardo in a whisper as he held his shotgun.

It was the beginning hours of the morning for the small tourist town of Juarita. The tourists had long since gone back to the city hotels and few people were up at this time. The perfect opportunity to make a bang.

"You take that side of the street Ramona with your companeros, and I'll take this side." Said Juan as they jogged from the jungle road to the central square.

Almost a hundred armed men and women came pouring out from the jungle. Some were armed with rifles and shotguns. Others were armed with machetes. All had a green armband.

He continued to march down with his guerrillas, many of whom had begun to take on the tasks instructed to them. Pharmacies were broken open and their medicines spilling out. Local tax and government offices had papers thrown out. The sleepy town was now beginning to wake up to this peasant army at their doorstep.

At the center of the central square were two buildings central to the companeros' invasion: the police headquarters and the main government office. At once both were stormed before the officials and police officers inside had time to react.

"Free the people first before you free the guns!" Yelled Eduardo.

Police officers and government officials were walked out, guns behind their backs as the guerrillas broke open the jail cells of the police headquarters.

Eduardo decided it was high time to make their presence known to the whole of Arbenz. He pulled out a megaphone he brought and went to a platform in the central square.

"People of Juarita! From the jungles of Chiqisalo comes the Green Liberation Army! Today we say..."

"La basta!"

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