Vignette:Yo Estoy En Mi Tierra

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Bat'zi Commune
Amaru Federation, People's Confederacy of Arbenz
April 15th, 2022

No no no, not like that”

He said as he grabbed the fresh corn cob from the boy's hands.

It was a sweltering 36 Celsius. Both the man and the boy were drenched in sweat from the intense Arbenzan humidity. Their only respite from the sun is a sheet metal roof.

“Uncle Mario, I don’t get this. I work with computers. I work with numbers. How the hell am I supposed to know how to scrape corn off the cob?”

The boy said in frustration with a thick Valentinian accent.

“First of all Rolando, language. Second of all, everyone must chip in for this feast and you said you don’t know how to cook. This is the best thing for you to do”

Mario said as he gripped the cob in one hand and a corrugated stick in the other.

“Look, grab it firmly and scrape off the corn like this”

Mario did a downward motion with the stick and a quarter of the corn simply slid off the cob.


Rolando said before mimicking the motion with a fresh cob of corn he grabbed. His moves were jagged and only a portion of corn slid off

“Look! You’re already improving!”

He said before resuming on his cob of corn. Both of them carried on for several minutes before Rolando said something.

“I’m missing my studies for this, ya know. 4 years and I get my degree in finance”

Rolando said proudly. Mario simply chuckled.

“Are you telling me they put you through all that work for a certificate that essentially says ‘Look! I am a professor in the science of exploitation!’”

Rolando muttered “commies” under his breath as he continued shucking his corn which only made Mario bellow loudly.

“Communalism to be specific. Libertarian Socialism if you wish to be inclusive”

Mario said correcting Rolando.

Rolando stopped shucking his corn and looked at Mario

“Why did you invite us here? We’re practically aliens to each other and all the locals look at us as if we are”

Mario simply sighed and put down the corn and the stick

“Our family has been split since the war. Valentine vs. Confederacy While some would rather see it remain that way, I said ‘No More’ when I heard about you.”

“You are home Rolando. This is the reason I called your family. Whether we mend or not. You are in your homeland.”

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